Greetings to all of you today with your hand in my heart. I make this publication to help a 3-year-old girl who currently has an ABCED CELLULITE IN THE LEFT HEADPHONE REGION. whose mother is a single mother like many in Venezuela and with very few resources and the treatment to improve her health is very expensive. I make this publication in solidarity with my neighbor since she went to a health center and did not attend her because she did not have supplies and with sacrifice she took her to a private center that cost 1000bs S, which is approximately $ 10 that she had for her food. 4 children to see the desperation of this mother I dare to ask for the girl and with the consent of her and full of hope because the treatment costs approximately $ 200.

As a mother, I am suffering because of what my dear friend is going through to see that her child gets complicated, cellulitis can spread to the blood (causing bacteremia and sepsis) or to other tissues, especially muscle fascia (necrotizing fasciitis), muscle or bones (causing osteomyelitis). In these cases, or when antibiotic therapy does not work, debridement is usually necessary through surgery, which plays a fundamental role. Thrombophlebitis is another possible complication, which can progress to deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary thromboembolism. and can cause death if not treated in time with medications

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Hello friend I do not have much to offer since I am in the same situation I hope this helps you and that many people continue to donate to help this beautiful little girl.
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