Mi abuela con su Nieto

Hello everyone, a few months ago I published about my grandmother, in the situation that was and is currently. Thanks to Mr. @Ed I was able to collect $ 100 of the various expenses that I must do daily due to the situation in which I am (In bed) I am obliged to ask for help in this way and with all the shame of the world, I want my grandmother is saved as it is in a very delicate situation, the night of 20-02-2019 suffered a seizure where we thought he would lose his life, we are collecting a sum of money to make a treatment why the conventions because he has 3 years in bed and convulsions suffers about every so often, since the exams have to be paid has a total cost of $ 300. I ask for this amount the amount you wish to help me, Mr. @ E-D I hope for you since the 100 $ of the last publication helped me a lot. Thank you for stopping to read my post, I know that many of you are uncomfortable with this post class, excuse my English use translator



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