Hello friends please I ask you to help me finish the exams to my son so far this year we have not been able to do the corresponding exams, on February 26th the control appointment in the hospital corresponds to know in what conditions are found if the disease continues to progress or not, if it deserves more chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and if I can continue waiting for the transplant that deserves, often I miss it because I do not have a cell phone to take pictures I saw in the obligation of sell it to buy some medicines, here are some of the budgets that gave us the budgets of the most expensive exams, which have not yet given in physical because they indicate the price but do not give in physical because they are governed by the dollar and one day has a price and the other day has another
Please friends help me, I find myself desperate.


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@-ED- Thank you friend, your always so supportive, God allow that the day you need also we can help you, hoping that you never need it and everything you give will be much more, on the 26th I have the medical consultation and I must take the exams and to date I still lack money to raise. The truth is still going up and it is something that I do not understand in Venezuela everything has dollarized and it is assumed that the dollar is falling in price in bs and the prices continue to rise every day more, I still have to collect to be able to do all the exams the amount of 321 $ I feel that every day I can less with this, day to day I see how most of my son's classmates have passed away and every day I tremble hoping that he will endure many more years and we can overcome this terrible disease.

   4wk ago
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Please friend @-ed- I beg you to help me with what you can and I am desperate and today is the last day to collect, the consultation is tomorrow afternoon and what I have left is the day to do tomography and PET VIRTUAL and tomorrow in the morning the laboratory exams, they must again make a puncture in the chest to take the sample and to realize the biopsy still it has not been able to make the transplant of medulla that needs. and I am desperate, I am afraid that my son will die and I have done everything I could.
   3wk ago