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Hello Yours community, a long time ago I used to write several articles on this platform, but for personal reasons I was limited to follow, even so I always felt very grateful for that help that was given to me at that time.
Today I am here asking for your help because I have not found another way to help my mother, you could say that I am desperate
My mother 6 years ago was diagnosed with throat cancer, she used to smoke a lot and this happened to her, for that time we were very lucky, because it was detected at a good time and could be controlled with minimal measures.
It was a big scare, for my whole family but thanks to God we managed to overcome it together.
During the following years, my mother was able to live a normal life, of course taking some care and leaving the tobacco completely, this was very difficult for her, but she was able to do it little by little and until today she has not smoked again.
Everything was fine until the beginning of this year, my mom began to feel very bad, so we made the decision to go to the doctor to do some tests, which determined that the cancer had reawakened.
This disease is very deceptive and can worsen in very short periods of time, so it should be taken as seriously as possible.
My family is made up of My mom, my grandmother and my younger brother, which makes it very difficult to afford the necessary treatments.
My mother is everything to me, I love her and that's why I am here today, asking for your help, trusting that I will be able to save my mother.
Unfortunately, the corresponding treatment can not be done in my country because today there are no drugs or the appropriate medical equipment to perform them, so the most feasible and economic measure that can be chosen is to perform these treatments in one of our neighboring countries, which are Brazil and Colombia!
Our goal is to raise $450 to be able to take my mom to Brazil so that she can have her treatments, we keep fighting and working hard to achieve this and I really hope to have the help of all of you.
My mom is very strong, she always keeps her smile in the most difficult moments, all this so that her family does not feel bad for her, I really feel the most fortunate person in the world to have her!
All help big or small will be well received, God bless you!