Hello community I did a post explaining the situation of my father where I said that it required 48,000 Bolivares Soberanos or $305, a friend in Brazil has got me the supplies of the surgery at a price of 515 Brazilian Reals about $136 to the change, if I buy the supplies the surgery would only come out in 19,000 sovereign Bs about $100 approximately, which would be a saving of almost $70 I ask who can support me with something I will be grateful, the friend @-ed- has supported me for which I am very grateful, thank you very much everyone I hope you can help me


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@unitwalletmaemon what a friend that happened with coinfundr? I need to make a crownfund for my father and coinfundr was very easy to use and based on BCH since sites like gofundme can not be used by me since I am Venezuelan and I do not identify the United States and I do not have a bank account in Dollars since in my country is not allowed, excuse the bother friend, a hug
   2yr ago