Hello Yours community.
These days I've been not eating well, since US embargo started, food prices are elevating quickly in here, the USD is getting over the venezuelan Bolivar and crushing it, now we're passing through a difficult situation, im not eating well, my stomach and my colon are very bad, I have a terrible pain in my womb, so bad I can stand up straight, actually I dont know what it is, I went to the emergency of the Central Hospital yesterday but they dont have so much resources there, they made me buy and donate an isotonic solution for the medicine they used to calm my pain, I feel a little better, yesterday I was barely walking, Doctors said I have to make some medical tests to know if this is not something dangerous, Now I have a yellow tone in my eyes, they are afraid that could be my gallbladder, I'm worried because I dont have money enough to pay for the medical tests that are currently valued in 150$ If I need surgery, I cant imagine how much is it going to be, im scared and desperate.
Please people, help me with this, yesterday night at the hospital was horrible, you cant imagine, I hope not to have a serious illness I have a son and he needs me, life's so hard in here, its hard to earn money in here, my dad works hard in Chile for sending us money for eating and he actually has a lot of bills, he is not able for helping me with the tests and the treatment, thats the reason why I came here and ask for help.
I came home because hospital freaks me out, there are people with serious disease and infections all over.
I have to eat healthy but its difficult in here, more like a privilege.
No more to say, any help will be appreciated, thanks for reading



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