Hello everyone, I know that many people or most will ignore this, but I am a mother, a mother who is desperate and begging for help for her child, my has a very serious epileptic condition and I do not have the resources to pay for their medical expenses, every day I see my son having convulsions and I fear that one of those convulsions may take his life, I feel a lot of helplessness not being able to do anything, I feel a lot of frustration when I see him convulsing, but my economic condition does not allow me to do anything, in my country nothing is free and everything is excessively expensive, every day many people die for lack of money to buy medicines, there are people who have died of many things from the simplest as a simple fever to people who have died from cancer or epilepsy, I have obtained help here in yours but I still lack $369 to complete the total payments, as I said above I do not think someone takes the time to read this, but if someone knows any way to help me would appreciate it, some people have recommended me to use cannabis oil but in my country is totally illegal which makes it very difficult to get and also very expensive, if you have read this thank you very much for your time.



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