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I googled for this exam registration, found this page where it was cost of registration form is N13950 (as in thirteen thousand, nine hundred and fifty Naira) and they say There’s an extra bank charge of N500 so that's around N14500 which is around USD $40.
On this page ( it says N50000 is most costly because its for private schools and that normal price is around N12000... quote:
Different schools charge different registration fees for candidates. It is no news that many schools in Nigeria (especially private secondary schools) charge up to 50,000 naira and even above for waec registration in their respective centres.
The normal price fixed by waec is less than #12,000. It is advisable you go to centres that charge less. You should also note that miracle centres charge higher for waec registration."
Why do you want to pay highest fee for private school? I would have thought this is for students who don't have money issues?
   10mo ago
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yes sir. That is very true, but because of the corruption in Nigeria, if you go through the normal procedures of writing WAEC, no matter how intelligent you are, you might just write over and over again, which will waste time and also money. Most people that follow the normal WAEC registration tend to fail this exams. Miracle centres are the only place you can write WAEC once and pass through it. Becuase the WAEC board are using this means to gain profits, Because miracle centres pay them off, so WAEC will now send answers even before the exams, giving the student to memorize, while those going for the normal procedures will be blind sided, WAEC never fails miracle centres, atlist 5% failure while those writing under normal circumstance fails with 95% failure, especially in Maths and English. And without Maths and English you most re-write even if you have the rest A+. I know so many in my country who are intelligent, but wrote WAEC 3 times. Wasted almost 3years of their lives. Me too during my time i wrote in private school together with all my other siblings, if you visit a non miracle or non-private WAEC exam centre during the exams, you find just very few student whom parents had no other choice, and to some centres you won't even find anyone.
   10mo ago