As if it were a horror story, my mother is diagnosed with gallbladder lithiasis ... and must be operated urgently.
With the crisis in Venezuela and without work I do not know what else I should do
Really I do not like this, it gives me a lot of embarrassment to have to go to the place where my profile shows only happiness and singing. But I am a unique daughter, my father died 2 years ago, to be without my mother is something that does not let me sleep, and the only thing I can do is help her through this means
My mom is called Mary Keila Rodriguez, she is 45 years old ... They are two operations
  • vesicle (vesicle) lithiasis which is with a sense of urgency.
  • Right ovary with ecomstic lesion (It is a cyst)

Do not place the price of operations, they are impossible in any case.
But if with a dollar, I can calm the pains of my mom then I will appreciate it very much, and at some point I will do an exclusive concert for to pay them with my music everything they have done for my mother and for me
I give many thanks, but you can help no matter, share with others so they can see this publication.
Thank you very much to all



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