Dear community please help me we have not yet been able to apply the respective chemotherapies to my son because we do not have all the money to keep buying the medicines, we bought a part and we lack the rest and we are still increasing to try to comply with his chemotherapy, this also they sent him to do some additional tests, which are also more money, now they are the drugs that are missing in the chemotherapy plus the exams
Please, even if you help me with whatever I can, I would appreciate it, friends, please, this is not a montage, I always use budgets, instructions and guidelines for my son.
This is something very delicate and it is really very embarrassing to have to ask for help in order to fulfill the responsibilities of a child, but I do not have the financial means to transmit a disease of this type and the medicines are very expensive, most are brought. from Colombia, Brazil, imported medicines and here they sell them at a very high price.
We really need friends, please do not bother.
He was referred for a gastroenterologist, in the hospital.
and sent him to do some exams, this is the budget of one and the other does not give me a budget, but you can call that number and check the price that they told me were 4900 bs or 490.000.000BsF, and another 2,800 bs Soberanos or 280.000.000 Bs F , and I still need medication of chemotherapies that are expensive. I'm asking you friend please.
Every day we have less things in my house we have already sold some televisions, we had a car and last year we had to sell it, I sold my camera that cost me so much, and so other things, it is exasperating, all that but it is reality.
Excuse my english use translator



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Thank you friend @ -ed-, you are always looking out for the whole community, without a doubt, I've been thinking that I can write that is beneficial and that readers of the community like it, so as not to go through the moment of asking help at every moment, I would like in a way to earn what they give me and be able to cover the expenses of chemotherapy and testing and alimetacion of my son, where we live is a hostel in the city of Caracas, Venezuela, because we do not have to pay hotel and we are not from the city. It is very difficult.
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@-ed- Most of the medicines are brought from Colombia, or Brazil and the cost is super high, imagine friend, to meet a treatment of $ 400-500 every 15 days is impossible, but the special tests to be done and the routines, and I have a teacher's salary equivalent to 2,100 Bs S, which is equal to $ 8, I have to ask for help from the foundations everywhere, it's not easy, I'm asking God that my son can get out of this disease and we can return to our normal life!
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