I miss you darling
I'd kiss you, but we're thousands of miles apart
Inseparable these feelings, my heart
On this journey we depart,
Still im yearning for a new start
Oh my sweet,
Through dreams we may meet,
Greet once more
The love laying in store,
Remeberance of you
Shedding away the feelings of blue,
Laying at night,
Beside you my light
Pale arms that disarm harm,
Like moonlight guiding from fright,
Wrapped around me
The only place I wait to be,
Lips that dip into a fatal smile
Making my heart run a fateful mile,
Brushing mine against yours
My heart bringing me further towards,
Two legs spread to deepest of rewards
Arresting me into your loyalty,
Royalty, your face
Such grace in my hands
Stands to reason, in me no treason,
When I stare into the depths,
Loosing my breaths in the radiance of your eyes,
Mesmerizing, captivating, opaque,
They haunt me and keep me awake
For in them i see true love is no surprise,
And the most bountiless and beautiful prize
Our hearts holding one another
Laying side by side,
Our time apart has taught me so many lessons
I work to not give into regressions,
In this illusion of seperation
I seek to not give in to desperation,
Scores of demons, I'd fight the hoards
To forge the path to my home,
Where we eternally roam,
Together two lovers again in humble abode
Again and again my soul may say
I am here, I am here to stay
Where it all begins
Is where it all ends?
Maybe one day I will see you here again..
Here on my travels
These feelings unravel...
Join me my sweet,
We can walk feet by feet,
Through each concrete or natural street,
Exploring the possibilities
Of all of life when we meet
Do you feel the longing?
Growing strongly
Is there a tug in your heart,
Telling you there's more besides life apart,
Let the magnet pull you,
Our polarities rejoin,
As we coin a new future
Do you miss me dear?
Do you not see what is our lights,
How it is when we're together?
Everything comes alive,
Nothing else matters, we thrive
We create such a beautiful energy together,
The only place I feel at home,
Do you feel it too, is it not true?
Come, love
Be beside me on this journey,
We need not make any labels or commitments
Let's just see where it goes,
As we travel wherever we choose
Moving to our eternal grooves,
Whatever your desires or goals,
We can fill them together,
Your space your own,
My space my own,
I would support you in words,
No longer burden you in hurts
I hold nothing above you,
Only respect your individuality and contributions,
Allow always your own choices as you choose it
Is there meant to be second chance for us?
I am not the demon I was possessed by,
I am the lover you always knew,
I am here.
Let's go home..


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