A couple of days ago I got the inspiration enough to create my first entry to this social network, I like the idea of presenting articles with illustrations, photography, nature or poetry. But note that the rhymes I compose when translating them into the English language, hinders their understanding something has caused me a bit of annoyance.

The beginning

Everyone has ever asked me to make the first step, that everything is like a jump, write and draw very well. Everyone wants me to do it quickly and at the same time delay, I'm full of fears that I don't know how to start.
They want everything from me without knowing that there is beyond, give everything you have without first start. It is so difficult to fit into this society that some seek to pretend and be someone ideal, for those who live in an unreal world.
I have only to express that all my feelings really involved, accompanied by a drawing that can symbolize, a new beginning in this new social network.



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