Ever since I got a second hand Polaroid Land camera somewhere long time ago, they stopped developing the instant films. So it has become a decoration at home. The other day I saw a Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 Instant Analog Camera sold in the city, I was a bit surprised.
Since I couldn't get the Polaroid film since 2004, I switched a cheaper alternative - Fuji instant camera and been taking photos with it everywhere I went. I've always loved the idea of instant films and thought it could be a great souvenir of a trip. Polaroid photos do create more nostalgic colors than Fuji, thus giving more of a holiday vibe.
Lately I've been excited after seeing this banner other day. Recent decades have seen a developing history of digital cameras, Polaroid went bankrupt 10 years ago and nowadays even they have to release some digital products. I never thought they would ever re-produce the instant films again.
Just to clarify, the Polaroid Originals is a re-branding of the company "The Impossible Project", which has been making Polaroid films since 2008, so the original Polaroid company is still not making any films. I guess it could be a success re-branding, at least I'd like to buy the films now, more than "The Impossible Project".
Together with the film, Polaroid Originals also released a renewed OneStep 2 with a flash and self timer, which might also be a good solution for the high demand of the light for those vintage instant cameras.

What do you think? Will Polaroid regain its popularity?


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