Many users ask for help and it is not bad, because of the terrible situation that Venezuela is experiencing. Maybe in other places I've seen people in African countries asking for help. Good projects this world is very good from and I am proud to belong, I see very good content, it hurts that I do not have enough money to contribute, but I have seen that some users only ask and ask and do not contribute. One of these cases is this user, I call them phantom users.
The user who responds to the name of @MariaElisa asks for "help" quite incoherent by the way, says he was "fine" he died the Pope "needs" and asks "$ 200" but does not specify does not put photos, cedula, nothing of nothing. It can be a vile and cowardly scam like many of the ones that have been this year.
Example we have this user who was unmasked. It did not even appear anymore to share material or anything, until a user through a good job discovered that it was a scam and told him to put a picture of you with your ID and it disappeared. Mysteriously.
A very good article is that of the lawyer Roberto who has a good blogger. That he has been working for the community in a constant way and that he has truly promoted bitcoin in his country. This is the way you should ask for a donation.
In times of crisis the mafias spread everywhere ... it happened in the French, the Russian, the Mexican, ... deceptive offers everywhere. To continue working and helping people who truly deserve it.


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