The raindrops just started falling, slowly but surely muddying up the entrance of the little cave. This is what it was waiting for, but it decided not to move for a while longer, to make sure it wasn’t just a passing shower. It didn’t dare venture outside without the concealing veil of the rain.
Its hairy, brown, clawed hand reached outside to press against the soil, testing its softness to see how much it has rained already. It was like touching a dense, dry sponge floating on the surface of water. Not muddy enough. It pulled its hand back into the darkness of the cave, waiting. It was not safe yet.
Just mere weeks ago, it would have been stomping about outside regardless of the weather, and all creatures in the area would have been hiding from it in fear. But those times were gone now, for who knows how long, and it would rather just hide like the rest of the mountainside forest, waiting for a masking rain before it’d go out to hunt.
One thing changed, though. Just one thing, one new resident that showed up a bit over a week ago, and that turned its life upside down. At first it didn’t even realize the severity of the situation. Just a weird creature who it had to show dominance towards, show who’s boss around here. But the tables turned quickly, and it had to flee.
Now it had to hide. It was not used to it, but having once been the creature that caused others to hide, it knew what it was all about. On top of that, this new entity didn’t outright hunt in the same fashion that it did when it was top dog. Instead, the creature just shambled around the forest, seemingly without aim, not really paying attention to its surroundings. It was easier to hide from it.
The rain was getting stronger, the soil in front of its hiding spot getting softer by the minute. Yet again, the hand reached outside, testing the ground, but at this point, anyone not in the direct vicinity could have easily missed the movement. The weather was turning grim, from a simple rain to a rapid storm, which was both loud enough to drown out the noises of the forest, and intense enough to hide any small movement among the trees.
Slowly, it emerged from its cave, its brown fur immediately getting drenched from the rain. It didn’t mind though. It was better than the alternative. It took some tentative steps towards the nearest tree, poking its head out from behind it to scan the nearby area. It was then that it realized a fault of its plan – maybe the enemy couldn’t see or hear it in the storm, but it could also not see or hear the enemy. The thought made it nervous, but fleeing back into hiding wasn’t an option. This was its best chance to get some food, and not eating wasn’t exactly a sound long-term plan.
After about a minute of hesitation, it stepped out from behind the tree and started walking. It could only hope that today’s hunt would be a safe one. Running into the creature was a terrifying prospect, but it tried not to think about it. Top predator one day, just a prey among many the next…
Oh, how the times have changed…



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