I see this as a place to begin my writing on quantum mechanics, anarchy, and veganism.

Principally, this is a way to get me started and going, and I expect that I will be revising this material heavily, and making innumerable changes to content, style, title, and so forth. The basic idea for writers... is that they write. And write a lot. I'm excellent at editing. What I have a hard time with is organization and structure. The benefit of writing things here is that I have all the tools that I've wanted at my disposal: 1. The ability to edit, later on, indefinitely. 2. The ability to do new parts as status updates, to socialize and incentivize writing, while also enabling feedback, too, which would also help and direct my writing, potentially being the core of it, in means of being able to explain the concepts more clearly, showing where and how I need to bridge the gaps. 3. Innovative stand-alone partnership and microfinancing built-in. I can be here or leave here. This place doesn't depend on me. However, my presence here definitely amplifies this place, as does yours. You can also tip me if you enjoy what I write, and likewise, back and forth. And this has already happened, too, and will continue to.
This will be the subject of my next related - and linked here - post.
Part of the beauty of this, to me, is that I'm not bound to - by default - make every single post exactly about the same thing. I have the freedom to make a bitching post, a funny post, and then a post about the book, and none of that gets in the way of anything or contradicts.

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That, indeed, is the fundamental shift, revolution, and evolution in thinking that QM is forcing ;)
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