First of the big news. Probably the biggest update from the site artforcrypto.com since I first put the site online, and published the first works. Limited to only 3 repainting which is a traditional value that I sell. They are basically mixed media works printed on canvas, which I then repainted with acrylic on it. They are unique in this series, hand painted by me and very, very rare. Should I spend the rest of my life painting them, there won't be more than 500-600 hundred. I just painted it as soon as someone paid me. To increase affordability, a $ 1500 limited edition signed canvas was signed.
My friend Michael Jonsson had an idea a few months ago, which needed careful thought before implementation. What if the discounted price is associated with the price of Bitcoin? I mean the average selling price will drop temporarily by almost 5X, but fomo is the current market incentive. Another problem is fiat price. This is resolved now with approximately double the price of the BTC. Roughly speaking, because I don't want to update my entire site on computer every 5 minutes.
Canvas print edition signed 50
100x50cm (40x20In)
$ 1500
Repainting is limited to the price of 3 editions: Permanent 1BTC via crypto.
About double that of traditional payments.
Size: 200x100cm (80x40In)
Unique Diasec Metal Emulsion Print.
Size: 150x75cm (60x30In)
$ 50,000.00
So basically. Around 500-600 have ever been made and the price of a single Bitcoin is constant.
Once again the #ETHLDN posse came for me and helped arrange a meeting with the two Vinay Gupta who were present, as well as other crowded houses with Vitalik Buterin as guest speaker. Jamie and Vlad helped Vitalik come to Blood On The Podcast Floor so we could add other unicorn signatures to give legendary value to the work. I keep wondering, why does all this get so little press today? Wake up crypto news! Can you imagine what would be all of this signature in a unique work of art with a big story in 30 years? Can't take rocket scientists guys. The funds will be donated directly to HAWC in a transparent manner. More about the project here in the previous article.
My topic often arises out of frustration with the status quo. Art collectors of emerging art are looking for new and new ones for neon. Instagram is now the most significant art gallery in the world, and we dopamine scroll quickly. Neon frames live on erotic images but thoughtfully the atmosphere is very different taking inviting images to see still images for longer. The frame recognizes the present, respects the past and gives permission to take your time. Called the Roman XXX series for the brutal beauty of the sculpture era to comfortably pass through the modern context of avalanche porn together with a new puritan safe room class.
They, compared to my other arts, are very affordable at 1,5ETH.
Technically, you can collect up to 30 editions, allowing the past ten years of my digital work to be of value now through blockchain solutions. In many cases, they will determine this time period. These works usually have a future. Own this work HERE
As far as I can remember, one of my main aspirations is to build bridges between people, businesses and sectors that don't usually talk to each other. At present, the technology space rarely communicates with creatives and most of the creatives focus on other creatives. I might have several artists at some point, but the first three conversations determine the tone. The first is Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin. The second is Jenny Knott, with a 30-year CEO level career in investment banking. The third is Joshua Anthony, with a digital nomad real-estate background who develops mobile and smart city technology. The conversation with Charlie Lee, was directly on Youtube.
5. Conference Participant Prizes
I shared many things for free in collaboration with the World Crypto Con, The Litecoin Summit and Codex Protocol this year in Las Vegas. It's also good to know that Sebastian Tory-Pratt from Codex Protocol will join me there to help people accept work.
The Codex team is discussing how we will do this!
We provide:
80x40IN (200x100cm) Beyond Moon signed a one-time physical print.
Outside of digital NFT Moon for all participants who want to claim it.
OPPORTUNITY for NFT artwork is limited to Litecoin Summit participants.
6. Ganesha Celebration
Today is the 7th day of the traditional birthday celebration of Lord Ganesh, the elephant god from the Hindu tradition. To show my appreciation, the rest of this article is dedicated to describing the crypto artwork that I made from it.
Turning beings, ideas, and images, which are now largely associated with mystical pasts and potential futures, are now expressions and visual reality is where rubber touches the road for me. Ganesh is widely respected as an eraser of barriers, protectors of art and science and beings who are superior to intelligence and wisdom. In this work, Lord Ganesh and his entourage have assimilated cryptocurrency symbols and blockchain code along with the display of traditional wealth. Gold, platinum, and diamonds have 'taken for granted' space in our consciousness, but for example, clever contracts layered over Ethereum are building wealth today and tomorrow.
Repaint no.1 hanging on the collector's wall.
This part is technically the most challenging I have ever done with around 2,000 layers combined into an image, but as usual, with concept drawings like this, the real thing is to get everything honestly in harmony with traditions starting thousands of years for something which no one can describe accurately. Once you are far enough into our past and in many cases not even to a distant future - the line begins to blur to the extraordinary voodoo. One way of looking at this might be to simplify it into a holistic respect. High abstraction usually has great strength or is considered a total hoax - depending on the individual who rates it.
Rats symbolize the ego of the devil who has been turned into a servant and not a master. This is why elephants are afraid of mice. However little an idea hates it, to begin with, it is not bound to destroy the whole being.
Buy it for 1BTC here now.
Only two left.
Fiat prices are roughly double.