By: Shawn Alli
Posted: June 4, 2016 (on
Despite the huge crowds, millions of dollars, and a buttery hypnotizing voice, the musical prodigy known as Prince dies without love. Blasphemy. He was a man of God. In theory yes, the love a person has for their god and the love they feel in return counts. In reality, it's a stretch. And yes, having love for oneself is quite important, but it's still stretching the ideology and feeling of eternal love (love that exists in this life and the afterlife).
While Prince speaks highly of his friend Larry Graham, [1]
he doesn't name him as executor of his will. Nor does he name the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses as his executors. He doesn't name any of his 8 brothers and sisters or any family member. Sadly, it's up to the courts (or indirectly the Christian god) to decide.
Sadly (or not), Prince's real love is his music. Music is definitely an art to him. All of the commercial nonsense and copyright lawsuits are about protecting his art, not his money. This is the fate for many artists. They can't stand people who aren't in their inner circle.
Prince's circle of friends is quite interesting. Graham, Mayte Garcia (ex-wife), Manuela Testolini (ex-wife), Denise Matthews (his former protege), Sheila E. (singer and drummer), Madonna, and Carmen Electra are part of Prince's inner circle for a time because he most likely believes that they're capable of understanding him and what he's trying to express through music.
But honestly expressing oneself usually goes hand in hand with control. Many artists feel the need to control the world and the people around them. In a CNN interview Carmen Electra says:
The name of the song was called Carmen on top. My name's Terra so umm...I was confused...but he said mm-mmm. You're not a Terra. You're not Terra, you're Carmen. [2]
Of course, the loss of two children (one shortly after birth and one due to a miscarriage) is surely enough to question your entire existence. Personally, I believe that after such losses he closes himself off to love and puts all of his focus into honestly expressing himself through music. But can you honestly express yourself if you close yourself off to love?
Prince's final days are less of a mystery. Prince overdoses on fentanyl (a painkiller). [3]
Less than a week prior, his plane makes an emergency landing for medical treatment. [3] His representatives even seek help for his addiction. [3] While Prince is a great performer he's also a drug addict. All of the Jehovah Witnesses in the world or the Christian god can't fill the void of Prince's pain.
In his last few years, Prince works hard to rid himself of any garbage ideologies and disingenuous people around him. While Prince eventually lives a genuine life, honestly able to express himself, it's a genuine life without love.

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