Social networks, network marketing today is the most talked about and most heard, meetings generate money. It is a reality that technology helps us every day to be in contact with more and more people so that they are becoming much more efficient, but it is also true that nothing replaces the interaction face to face.
Meeting with people one by one, in small groups or at social events, will have a great impact on the long or medium term success of any organization, a particular event is the one with the greatest power and it is the destination event, it can be sponsored by the company or one created by whoever is above you in the chain of command, but in a destination event, is the one in which most of the attendees move to a different city, stay in a hotel and participate in conferences and conventions.
Some will try to say that the destination worlds are dead in the technological world and that people will no longer travel for these encounters, they will say that there is Zoom, Skype, or other programs in which conferences can be done without the need to travel or interact face face but it will never be the same.
There is something magical about leaving the daily routine, and interacting with people who think like us who have beliefs, hopes, dreams, aspirations and positive attitudes, and by spending time with these fascinating groups of people can fill us again to have the strength for the next push.
It is important to understand how important the destination events are for success in this world of cryptocurrencies, we must learn to effectively promote them and include more people every day, the more people are at these events, the more people will be knowledgeable and the more money will be investing and will be generating in our profession, or let's say occupation because I do not consider myself trading.
Let's think a little, in my opinion we should promote a little more our coins, to get more investors and each day go up a little more ... Let's look a little to the side, have seen how much fame and how many people has Steemit? Why can not we also?
Steemit is a little more organized but more united, let's make it possible because grows equal or much more than Steemit.


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