Leveraging _unwriter's Datapay and Bitpipe, I am quickly able to implement and demonstrate how to send an EDI transaction (850 purchase order) request to the Bitcoin SV blockchain.
In my previous article describing _unwriter's tools, I mentioned how Bitpipe was my favorite of the bunch. The reason being that it enables applications to integrate to Bitcoin without having to write all of the redundant logic in the application making the requests.
This integration also does not require that the business running the ERP system/making EDI requests, to hold or purchase Bitcoin.
We can just define some schema or protocol and start broadcasting the data to an endpoint via an HTTP request.

I work as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 technical consultant in my day job and am able to run a local instance with Contoso demo data on my laptop.
I have created the vendor (Duckcreation) and will place a purchase order for 15 units of the cute Mama Duck Mug.
Notice my Quantity of 15, Unit price (cost) of $14. The delivery address is in the top right section, shipping of course to 100 Pond Way in Silicon Valley.
I am able to attach notes to this purchase order which will translate to a line of text in the EDI 850 I am broadcasting, so I will add one:
My integration could be further extended to upload files or images to the blockchain if they are attached here in the ERP as part of the purchase order entry process.
I will then click the 'Confirm' button to invoke the method that creates a snapshot of the purchase order in the system, which I customized to send the data from the purchase order to a Bitpipe instance running on a separate machine.
This method could be used to correct mistakes as well, since by modifying any field on the purchase order the 'Confirmed' status is revoked. I can then Confirm again to send the corrected EDI document.
Once the operation is completed, a new tab is opened linking to the transaction:
Zoomed in:
We see that the shipping note I added is in the 'MSG' line, the Vendor name, Address details, SKU number (1777) and quantity/unit price information.
This is a very simple and raw implementation of leveraging Bitcoin SV for EDI.
To use in a live production B2B scenario we would want to encrypt the data,write more data and implement the exchange in a way that Craig Wright describes here for optimal privacy.
The code in the ERP extracts the purchase order data and calls a C# program to send the well-formed EDI document string to my Bitpipe instance. In this example I did not customize the Bitpipe at all, so using the instructions on Github was sufficient.
Behind the pay wall is the code I wrote in C# which makes an HTTP request using a JSON object to send the data passed from the ERP to Bitpipe which is then broadcast to the blockchain.
Let me know if you have questions, suggestions or ideas in the comments section!


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