Dear community, I see with great concern that most of the requests for help in the community of Caridad are from Venezuelans, I have a proposal, I have in mind to formalize the creation of a foundation for which the idea is to help our brothers, who need of us, I would like to do training workshops, both for children and adults, to make days where we can make mobile feeders, help with the delivery of medicines, in short everything that merits our help, and that this is supported by the cryptocurrency , BSV, although right now is going through difficult times I have faith that at some point I can get ahead again, and we can also accept other cryptocurrencies like BCH, which would be our crypto sister jeejeje, It is a goal that I have proposed, I hope we have many volunteers, and people who want to help.
Let's do good without looking at who.
If you have some proposals, or recommendations, I will be aware of them.


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I think it might be a good idea. I am new here in this world but it seems to me that what you say is good.
   4mo ago