Today, we are launching Ramen 🍜 a tool that you can use to monitor the upcoming BitcoinCash forks November 15th and detects chain splits/deviation faster:
Ramen 🍜 is built on top of 🥢API that runs Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitcoin NayBC nodes. The source code is available on Github.
The block colors on these heatmaps correspond to the ECMH signature of each block content and help distinguish equivalent blocks regarless CTOR or NTOR ordering.
In fact, ECMH signatures enable to compute a hash of a set of transactions that is unique and non dependent on the order of the transactions within the set. Special thanks to Amaury Sechet to have suggested this library.
Since 🥢 API is built we also released a Golang open source wrapper of the secp256k1 C++ lib earlier this week on our Github, that includes ECMH module bindings.
Also you can click on any block to access its content and compare it to the same block in other contentious forks.
On a previous article, I discussed the issues that we will all have to face with this contentious forks.
In a another post, I explained that we built Chopsticks 🥢 in order to be able to continue operating (a business social network built on BitcoinCash) smoothly post-fork.
Now with Ramen 🍜, we will be able to monitor the chains and to assess the situation faster in order to anticipate potential issues that could impact our business and take actions to circumvent it.
Finally, we hope that those contributions will be helpful to the BitcoinCash community in order to go through this uncertain period more safely.
If you have any suggestions to improve Chopsticks 🥢 and Ramen 🍜, do not hesitate to share it with us on our Telegram channel or via Twitter.


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