String, Strang, Strung…
of this human nation

Deconstruction by design
Of these "leaders" of mankind
We turn a blind eye,

Put 'em on blast
And you might not last,

If you fit the bill
They'll foot your bill
But there will be no will
Inside of you,
No nill

A slave to ya masta
Deconstruction of you,

Everybody wants to tell you a story
You just tryna find out where you fit in,

You can't see
No objectivity,
Your own path
We can determine with a little math
You're at the center of the graph

Everybody wants to be like .... (Mike)
Well I just wanna be me, alright?

Such a toy
You're such a toy
You little boy

You're being dressed
Clothed. - Fed.
Played with,
And all the rest

A doll
A doll
A dolla will make you a doll
And nobody knows it
Not at all

They just fall in line
Right behind
Killing creativity at the same damn time

Where the humanity at
When you can't spit back

See they gotchu by the handle
When you think you gunna get a Lambo,
Hoist yourself into your little mantle

But now you can't see
You gotta little string
Common outta ya spine
You think it's all fine?
Now you a part of their damn shrine!

A master,
Ya damn asked fer,
Gave it up
Like a preteen told -
She was ya last one

Ask one
About-cha self son
Or did they just pull a fast one

“Can I say ass hun?”

Po- litical- ly -
correct -
Will make -
Them stand -

And then they'll have fun
wit chu, you lil hunny bun
Down to they last one
Until they all done,

Then they'll throw you out on yo ass
Whatchu expect,
You think that shit would last?

You a gas,
No class,
Unoriginality is your fatality,

Down to ya last meal
You betta Fast,

Ya wallet shrink
Till you end up in a trunk,

It's a fuckin dump
Inside yo mind
You mattered to make a means,
To an end
Now it's all pretend

At the end of the rope,
Last bit of the tunnel
Grab a funnel
And guzzel
The last bit of your thoughts
So they don't bubble

Curb this
The last bit of enthusiasm
You don't fathom


Never knew it all along

You've always been wrong
Make haste,

Before time draws an end to your song

What it means to be you
and not another

Don't matter,
We're all here, brother

In arms
To disarm
And create alarm
A blip
They don't wanna let it slip
Your not hip
You won't hop

Clear intentions,
Free from these redirections

I decide the design
Of human kind
In my own mind,

Unique I may stumble
But beautiful I'll make a rumble,

A product of my own continuity,
And rebuild

We're all here for a purpose
And that purpose is ill,
If you can't be yourself
Then trust me,
nobody else will,

The secret
Secret to the great escape

FFC, baby
Freedom From Concern

Only for my own form of creation
I'm tired of this
Fuck this statement

It's time for it
I'm done,
Off to have fun

While you wait in line
To buy
The next product
Of their design



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