I do not have it easy to write about myself, but I do not play that super good that I could skip that :-) and let the music sing it all out.
My online name is Misha Pelt. I am Czech, but living in Southern Spain, Andalucia, for more then a decade. Quite out of the system, quite challenging, but more free life, on fresh air, drinking spring water.
I was not musical until I met the love of my life, guitarist from Holland who came to Spain to learn flamenco guitar, and he told me: everybody can learn to play an instrument. I believed him, and that is where my music journey started. I will not go into details here, rather I will share what came out of it. Happen to me, that I simplified guitar theory and wrote little manual, how to compose own music without understanding the conventional way of music theory. I call that E - System for Guitars. For some time I tried to bring it out, but being crap busyness woman, not having fat skin and sharp elbows, I did not managed.
After that, came my next invention, Nubmer_sonics. I made video for people attending retreat in out area, where I am explaining what Number_sonics is. Its few month old, but you can get a clue, hear example, and also see me, and a geodesic dom, our home for several years (not any more sadly...)

I tried to bring that out too, there is more people who would love to have their very own song, then those who want to learn instrument. Yet, touching the same issue, not being good with social media, not having capital to pay someone, not having the needed skills to sell, actually, having hard to sell (artist will understand) it also did not met the world and made me rich enough to help myself, my friends, family and others in need, which is the big reason I would love to be wealthy one day....

Then my new passion for Bitcoin, learning about the people involved, seeing the productivity, wanting be part of it, lead me to creating website
It is not much populated yet, my family and I are battling with heavy flue for weeks, and crypto being our only money went down and I can not take the keyboard classes I counted with, it is a bit stagnating. But I am sharing it here already, maybe I can gather some feedback. :)

So, let it be my first post in music category and see if something comes out of it.
Thank you for finding the time to read this post to the end.
For those who did so, here is my offer. If you like, I make you a song.
If you are a musician, and would like to collaborate, contact me.
And if you want nothing, be happy and have a good day :)