We should let those who communicate what we do not like commit their message in public for all to recognize.

'Free speech' has several bullet point values:
1. Uncensored, we can recognize and name perceptions we disagree with. Otherwise such problems can fester in obscurity to become harsh realities.
2. We must allow those who offend us to demonstrate their folly (or genius ! ) in order that everyone can recognize their product for what it truly is. Only by this can we be allowed to know who to discount by our own devices. Only by this can we learn of better perspectives unappreciated by 'authorities'.
3. The fear of lies (or truth ! ) increases when voices are silenced. It is the caustic odor of this fear which corrodes the thin fabric of civilization. Under censorship we cannot know who to trust or distrust: whatever is censored may be hiding information revealing trust issues.
4. Censorship is, ultimately, the imposition of a very cultural and personal filter. It matters not whether by tedious hand, or by automated algorithms unleashed by software: The reasoning behind such algorithms is personally skewed at best. It begins somewhere inside the brain of someone who has an agenda for your beliefs and perspectives. Censorship is like having your breakfast prechewed for you by some hairy ogre sitting at your morning table, who also gargles your morning juice before spitting it back into your cup for you to drink.
5. Those who censor reveal their mental condition for all to witness.