The room had calming light blue colored walls, floor and ceiling. It was just big enough to contain the essentials: a table, a fridge, a shower with a sink, the reality station, and a bed occupied by the resident of the cube. There were no doors or windows to be found, instead, several long fluorescent lamps were tasked with illuminating the room whenever necessary.
The silence was broken by the yawn of Ioa sitting up on the bed, stretching and trying to blink the dreams out of his eyes. He looked around the room with a bored expression, then threw the blanket off and got up. First he walked over to the sink and washed his face to help with the aforementioned dreams still in his eyes. He glanced towards the shower, but then just headed to the fridge. He can survive a day without a morning shower.
The fridge was a bit different from modern refrigerators. Instead of a large box that held whatever food you bought, it was just a small white box on the wall, connected to a door on the other side where drones were able to enter and drop off the meal you signed up for the day before. This time it was simple toast and egg with orange juice, and Ioa quickly grabbed the box out of the fridge before heading to the table.
Just a usual morning.
The indifferent silence remained even after breakfast. Ioa grabbed up the used plates and put them back into the box, then the box back into the fridge. He then looked around the room, his sight falling onto the reality station in the corner.
It looked like a slanted, dark blue capsule of sort, with the top of it opening up to reveal a comfortable-looking chair with what looked like movable shackles inside. They were movement sensors, connecting the entire machine and allowing it to, combined with sensors around the walls of the capsule, register every little motion of the user. It was truly a state of the art invention, one that every residential cube needed to have. It was a necessity for everyday life, and so Ioa didn’t waste too much time with his morning routine. After washing his hands in the sink, he headed over to the station and climbed inside.
The seat was padded enough that one could just fall asleep in there and feel like they’re floating. Ioa made sure that he bought the expensive model, after all, if he’s going to use it every day, might as well make it a quality purchase. He expertly positioned himself inside the capsule, clasping the sensors onto his limbs, waist and head, then he leaned back and pressed a button to his left that caused the capsule to close, at the same time pressing a pair of reality goggles onto his eyes. The seat in the capsule then turned upright just as the world around him darkened.
Ioa blinked a few times to adjust to the new light conditions as the picture in front of him cleared up. He looked over himself to make sure everything was in order – he was wearing the pre-programmed blue shirt and jeans he picked out yesterday – then looked around on the street he now found himself on. There were people walking around, but one particular man, a young short-haired one wearing a white shirt leaning against the wall of the nearby building, caught his attention. He walked up to him and nodded.
“Hey, Lau.” Ioa said. “Where are the others?”
“Hey.” Lau looked up. “Probably still preparing. I only just got in a few minutes ago.”
Ioa nodded and joined him by the wall. As he glanced at the people passing by – each an avatar of a person from the “real” world – he could not imagine life any other way.



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