The man is him and his circumstances
They call it crazy, energetic and with a myriad of epithets that would be long to enumerate, with which it is a question of characterizing the character that from the White House is at the head of the government of the country, even, the most powerful in the world.
Decipher the character
We understand that the exercise to decipher Donald Trump is not idle, on the contrary, it is highly necessary and timely, particularly for those of us who live in countries that, like Venezuela, are subject to sanctions and threats signed and proffered by him and whose consequences , they turn out to be terribly disastrous for the peoples subject to them; so it is advisable that the assessment made of the current US president should be as objective and less biased as possible.
In the American society itself there are absolutely contradictory opinions about this controversial and pugnacious character, thus, there are sectors that consider him as an envoy from heaven to save the United States from the progressive decline in which it is submerged, hence the slogan key that identified him in the electoral campaign in which he was elected president "to be great again to the United States", with which, by the way, it was recognized that it is no longer "big" as it was presumed to have been.
And, on the other hand, there are other opinions such as that of Senator Bernie Sanders, presidential candidate of the Democratic Party who sentences that it is madness "... that we have a president who is a racist, a sexist, a xenophobe and a fraud" or that of the recognized film actor Robert de Niro that qualifies him as "a real misfortune for the nation", that is, for the sectors that oppose Trump is a true calamity.
In our humble opinion, in the political actor that we are characterizing, all these roles come together perfectly, because, as the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset would say, Trump is himself and his circumstances, in other words we must assume it as extremely dangerous but conditioned to the historical context in which he has corresponded to govern.
Dangerous as the unscrupulous Theodore Roosevelt who acted like a pimp doing his thing in Central America and the Caribbean or as the killer Harry Truman who ordered-when objectively no longer needed-the launch of atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki or the unscrupulous Richard Nixon who orchestrated the overthrow and death of President Salvador Allende and at the same time established political and commercial relations with Mao's China or the Hollywood Ronald Reagan who committed the crime of invading the island of Granada of just 650 square kilometers and with only 100 thousand inhabitants for considering it a threat to the security of the United States or as the "Nobel Peace" Obama who led the massacres of the Libyan and Syrian peoples and who also described Venezuela as an extraordinary threat to the external security of its country or from any of the American presidents who, from the first, Washington, to the current one, have been guided by imperialist purposes.
In the historical context, having as frame, in the external order, the progressive decadence of the American hegemony, in which the unipolar world, with the United States as superpower, has ceased to be to begin to give way to a multipolar world with the emergence of alternative powers, which counterbalance US power; in the structural order, despite what the apologists try to project, the inexorable tendency is that "the system has exhausted its capacity for incessant expansion" and that is the time in which Trump governs.
And in the internal order, the tufted American president has to face, on the one hand, the rejection and even repudiation of a part of the imperialist elite whose interests simply collide with those he represents, which is interpreted by Hilary Clinton who assumes that the unipolar imperial power exercised in recent years can not and should not be shared giving room for emerging power blocs; to the permanent confrontation to which he has been subjected by democratic parliamentarians and even his own political party, republicans, who openly raise the possibility of giving him a parliamentary coup (impeachment) based on the fact that they do not consider him psychologically fit to govern; likewise, the unparalleled public diatribe that maintains a good part of the powerful communication platform and, on the other hand, the growing social movement that has been developing within the American society against any possibility of war, which questions its social policies, the reduction of social spending, the reduction of taxes to the richest sectors, its inhuman anti-migratory policies and the sectarian, xenophobic and racist positions of its government against racial and social minorities. In addition, although they want to conceal it, the indicators point to the growth of poverty in the United States and the recurrence of workers to two or even three jobs in order to cover the requirements for their survival.
All this picture, just outlined, is what Trump has to face, precisely, in a year in which the election campaign has already begun for the presidential contest, has to be held next year, in which he certainly aspires to be reelected and why which is forced to measure the steps that it should execute, particularly in matters of foreign policy.
Permanent recovery
Trump is handled in a permanent retreat, sanctions, threatens and temporizes and threatens to then back down. The cases with China and Russia that, of course, have the capacity to respond to their sanctions and threatening threats are eloquent.
The same happens with North Korea, threatens, takes the situation to the extreme of suggesting that the military confrontation is imminent and then ... ends up talking with Kim Jon-un; even with Iran, threatens, tightens with sanctions, mobilizes warlike contingents off the coast and territory of the Persian country (it has already done so twice) and then the tense situation ends up relaxing.
Obviously, the Yankees, who really advise Trump, (not the stone-throwers who only serve to threaten, for example, Bolton, Pompeo, Rubio), have in mind the capacity of response and dissuasive potential of these countries.
In our case
In our case, we maintain that the treatment that the present occupant of the White House gives us and we suffer from Bolivarian Venezuela is not different from what we observe with these other countries.
Here, in our country we are the object of a vile aggression, we are sanctioned, a terrible economic war is applied to us, (the economic sign is extremely weakened, an economic blockade is impeded, which hinders commercial-financial relations to import food, medicines and basic products for the development of life and industrial activity, etc.), develops a relentless psychological manipulation, media-communication, we are intended to isolate internationally, we are defined as a state narco or as a rogue state, ... and it is hanging over our country to be considered an unusual threat to the foreign security of the United States. And together with all this, as a corollary, we are threatened that military intervention is not ruled out.

Just in case
But, after four years such military intervention has not happened and everything indicates, in our opinion, that it will not happen. And it is not that Trump is a paragon of humanity, no, it is rather a product of circumstances, it is conditioned by the historical context in which he has had to govern his country. His idea is to take us to an extreme degree of weakness to impose a negotiation on the worst terms for the interests of the nation and the Venezuelan people.
But, just in case, you do not have to lower your guard, you have to strengthen every day the defensive capacity of the Bolivarian homeland.


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