What about tracking referral traffic... then if anyone purchases the content after being referred by a referral link, the referrer gets a % of that sale.
So it would flow like this:
  1. Ryan makes your.org post
  2. Trilla buys the post, and finds it so compelling that he then tweets about it with his referral link (ie. yours.org/ryanshellasweetpost?ref=trilla)
  3. All of trillas twitter followers are now visiting the post, and some are purchasing it as well.
  4. Ryan pays Trilla for each sale

Sounds like a home run to me.


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This is a very good idea :) We call this the "affiliate model". But "referal commission" is also a good name. This is already on our issues list and is something we will definitely implement ASAP. We have to do so carefully though because we don't want to spam up the internet with Yours referral links. Probably the way to do it will be to require people to buy content before they can do a referral.
   2yr ago
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