The world asks for help, the situation of millions of people worsens every day, and is that not everyone can stay in their homes like many, they are forced to move to other places, due to war, hunger, misery and quality . of life is something that makes them flee with only what they are wearing. Venezuela is one of the main countries where the rate of refugees or people migrating to neighboring countries is increasing.

Venezuelan emigration route

One thing is to see it and another to read it, I live in the border area with Colombia, and I have seen with my own eyes the misery that many compatriots go through when they leave Venezuela, the people who sleep in the streets with children, people who ask for help and an exaggerated population of young people is what is seen in this border. I think we never imagined that we would get so much, even comparing ourselves with countries that have always been at war.
I believe that nobody should go through this, there should not be such crises or there should be a way to resolve them internally and effectively, the problem is when the foreign forces continue to put their hands over our country and make the social, political and social situation more difficult every day. economic, regardless of whether this exceeds human rights, when the lives of its citizens. Care and power is the only thing that precedes anything else, when such crises occur; to be incapable of being solved and there is no alternative but to flee, but believe me that very few would want to leave their country to go through unfavorable situations.
Venezuela is a more in-depth case that I know and handle, because I live in this country, but in the world we can see millions of displaced people, as is the case of Syria, one of the countries with the highest index of displaced people in their nearby countries. people flee from war, racism and a deep political and religious crisis that has caused millions of deaths in this country, the violence of the Islamic state has increased year after year, and today we see millions of Syrians flee to Europe, the civil war in Syria between the opposition groups of Asad and the regime began approximately for the 2011, being helped by Europe and the United States it became very fast in a violent chaos, since it woke up groups like ISIS this caused that the massive emigration of million Sirians. Syria has become a violent land, I think that living in this country is not an alternative for anyone, it gives a lot of anger, it gives like frustration to see thousands and millions of people flee because a few want to maintain a power, that for nobody is a Secret will never be eternal. To hold on for so many years and then die of old age or diseases is what the dictators have left; meanwhile we have so many (including myself) to flee to other lands, where we are unknown, where many times we are not so welcome, where sometimes we are a burden, nobody wants this for their life and that is when I think, the unfair What is this planet sometimes? not the planet itself, but society, life and often the luck that bad people have to impose on so many good, hardworking people and people who just want to be happy and have a normal life.

Run away from the war, something that nobody wants

Nobody wants to be a displaced person, nobody wants to leave with what he has put towards the borders of his country looking for help, nobody wants to see the face of his children going hungry and hardships, nobody wants to flee, nobody wants to die fighting to reach a destiny that does not he knows if he will have it, nobody deserves war, nobody deserves to die for thinking differently, the planet earth so broad in its borders and so narrow in ideals and thoughts, so narrow in religions, so narrow in policies, with so complicated, so absurd barriers , so anti-human. Run away from war, something that nobody wants because nobody wants war.
Refugees are not people who want to be refugees, but life has put this in their way, nobody wants to be seen with pity, nobody wants to be trampled, no one wants to see their children suffer, or do they have the guilt?

Case of the Rohingyas

The refugees from Rohingyas is a case that moves me, since they have practically been forced to leave Myanmar, thousands of people arrive daily to Bangladesh asking for help, crossing the jungle, mountains and even the Bay of Bengal, the exodus began in the year 2017, the violence began in Rakhine, where according to UNHCR figures more than 723,000 people sought help and protection in Bangladesh, almost all sought shelter in the camps of Kutupalong and Nayapara.
Spontaneous settlements have emerged, increasing concerns of adequate sanitation, even the lack of water is worrisome and of basic services, and although resources are limited the government of Bangladesh has allowed the arrival of new refugees, who live in crowded areas, only flee from what is happening in your country and from where they were taken by force.
Unfair to have to leave your country, live in terrible conditions and not have access to many services, including children to education because they are emigrants and do not have the same rights, these crises steal children, young people opportunities and elders the ability to live their last days with tranquility, political or religious crises should disappear, are absurd, are caused by the same man to harm man, are anti-human and are not normal. I think that this is something that should not be seen as normal, something that people live far away, that interests us, because the truth is that yes. They can affect us directly or indirectly and it is not normal to normalize them, I think that the struggle of these people deserves more visibility, I think the real help should be the opportunity and the regeneration of these people to integrate into new societies and I believe that beyond to try to help without power, we have a great tool that is information and many people around the world are unaware of cases like this, Syria or my country Venezuela, the planet is quite big and we all fit, let them grow happy too.

Some figures according to UNHCR

This year has seen the highest levels of displacement that have been recorded in history, 70.8 million people have had to flee their homes and almost 25.9 million are refugees, among which more than half are young people under 18 years, many of these people have been denied nationality and access to services and basic rights such as education, employment, health and freedom of movement. It is a world where every 2 seconds almost one person moves from their country as the result of conflicts, persecutions and war.


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