Throughout history, national liberation revolutions, the so its and even progressive governments have been vic more systematic imperialist onslaughts. Military interventions, civil wars, covert operations, magnifications, coups state, economic wars ..., make up the bulky file of the cruel actions of imperialism with the purpose of overthrowing governments that have rebelled against their tutelage.
In the Venezuelan case, the US declares war on the Bolivarian government from the moment that Commander Chavez arrives to the pod. For imperial arrogance it was unacceptable for a government to exercise its sovereignty and challenge the hegemony imposed since the beginning of the century. XX in his "backyard".
The contagion of the revolutionary government in the region constituted and continues to constitute a real danger to the plans of domination of Washington. Likewise, the enormous natural wealth of our country is a fundamental cause of this aggression.
Purpose and most recent origin of economic sanctions the application of economic sanctions represents one of the preferred methods used by imperialism to destabilize nations and overthrow governments. The line of action is very simple. Sanctions generate economic crises that lead to governability and chaos, finally translated in the overthrow of governments by Verses di ways: electoral defeat, social unrest, coup does ado, civil war, intervention extant was for "humanitarian purposes" ...
In the Venezuelan case, the most recent cycle of economic warfare is manifested in economic sanctions that have their origin in President Obama's Executive Order, March 2015, in which he described the Venezuelan government not as an "unusual and extraordinary" threat to the national security of the USA and the possibility of applying economic sanctions was contemplated.
With Trump at the helm of the United States, a dramatic escalation of sanctions begins with the purpose of provoking a marked deterioration of the national economy and severe damage to the population, as has occurred in many countries and with various outcomes, but in each case be committed very serious crimes against their people: Cuba, Yugoslavia, Korea North, Iran, Chile, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Nicaragua ...
Economic sanctions and their effects.
The sanctions are designed with deliberate purpose of strangling our nomics eco, mainly affecting the oil industry that generates 95% of di visas in a highly import - dependent economy, and more than 75% of state revenues.
At present, the domestic oil industry has no access to external financing, has restricted the acquisition of technology, does not have shipping lines for transport, he closed his pal princi market, the US, all as a result of serious threats of severe sanctions to companies and financial entities that establish economic relations with this industry and with the country in general.
The same fate runs the national gold extraction activity.
On the other hand, the government of the US banned through of the coercive nature of the sanctions, the external financing of the Republic, as well as the refinancing of the national external debt, preventing the injection of resources into the economy and causing very important financial costs to the nation.
We not have a correspondent bank to participate in international trade, as well as many of the partners COMMERCIAL refuse to transact business with our country for fear the harshest sanctions.
Last but not least, the sanctions have led to the seizure of accounts and assets of the Republic, including in dollars, and, according to very serious investigations, have caused the death of more than 40 thousand compatriots.
In the most blatant way, the top spokesmen of the Yankee government have affirmed that these sanctions have the unequivocal purpose of provoking "a change of regime" and, as they have recognized, the sanctions authors are aware of the harsh social impacts that generate . Shamefully, this policy is justified by av alada and local political and economic actors, what and operate in their role as pawns of Washington.
There is no doubt that at this time the sanctions that stifle our economy are the main obstacle to productive recovery and the country's macroeconomic stability .
It should also be noted that in the face of the failure of the policies of the coup d'état and the promotion of terrorist violence based on the overthrow of President Nicolás Maduro through the rapid and violent route.
Revolutions and imperialist aggressions .
Citgo , the main company of the country abroad.
As for the most remarkable economic and social effects, we can highlight the acute shortage of medicines, food shortages and c Arestia of necessities, job loss product ivos, falling productive activity, the oration dete of basic services , including transportation.
The reason is very simple, the sanctions have drastically reduced the income of foreign currency of the country, as well as the generation of wealth. It also has drastically deteriorated n the external sector of the economy and public finances (seeing a fectada the ability to provide welfare to the population), among many other things. Illegality, immorality and criminal nature of the sanctions and Stas vandalism, egales, immoral and criminal il, practiced against the Venezuelan people, have generated an economic impact scandalous now exceeding 65 billion.


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