Frank had a bad morning. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. The floor was unusually cold when he got out of bed. There was no warm water in the shower due to pipe repairs. He ran out of coffee and couldn’t make any. His toaster broke down and burned his breakfast bread. His car ran out of gas after pulling out of the garage.
Overall, it was shaping up to be a pretty bad day. Since his car gave up on him, he was forced to take public transportation to work, which meant taking the metro. That was just another bad thing to throw on the pile – Frank didn’t like taking the metro. It was too loud, crowded and uncomfortable, and oftentimes he just couldn’t sit down anywhere. Still, he had no choice.
It was at the time when he was getting off the metro cart that he bumped into someone a bit too eager to get on. He was wearing a suit quite like Frank himself, carrying a suitcase. Frank didn’t really care though. In his frustrated state, he growled at him in the most unfriendly tone he could manage.
“Out of the way, jackman!”
He wasn’t even sure what that meant, he was just frustrated and had no patience for any more missteps during his day. He walked around the man and continued on his way towards the office. He had work to do.
As time passed, though, something didn’t let Frank be. There was a thought in his mind that kept coming back as if haunting him. He knew he really shouldn’t care about it, but he couldn’t help it.
He was so rude to that man back there in the metro. Why? Frank wasn’t a bad person, and it’s not like that man actually deserved to be yelled at. So why did he do it? Well obviously, he did it because he’s had a bad day, and it culminated into him snapping at the first person who ran into him. But that doesn’t make it right. So why did he do it?
The thought didn’t give him rest. He felt more and more terrible about it with each passing hour. Maybe that guy was having an amazing day up until that point, and then the shock of being yelled at in such a rude manner ruined it. Or maybe he was already having a bad day, like Frank himself, and then he just made it worse. Frank couldn’t focus on his work at all, and he left the office at the end of the day still feeling guilty about what he did. Distracted, he almost reached the company parking lot when he realized he didn’t have his car, and had to run all the way back to the metro tunnel. He almost didn’t reach the leaving cart, which wasn’t a huge deal, only about fifteen minutes’ wait, but it’s more than if he just got on this one…
As he looked around for a place to sit, he spotted someone he recognized right away. Sitting in one corner of the cart was the man Frank yelled at that morning. Meeting him again in such a big city was a miracle in itself. It must be for a reason, Frank thought, and walked up to the man. “Excuse me?”
The man looked up at him. “Hm?”
Frank took a deep breath, then spoke. “I am so, so terribly sorry for how I acted earlier. I didn’t mean to be rude, it’s just, I had a bad day, and then I had to snap at someone, and uh… I hope I wasn’t too much of a bother.”
The man just stared at Frank for a few seconds before he finally replied.
“…Do I know you?”
Frank arrived home that day in complete silence. He was contemplating today’s events all the way to his house. When he entered and took off his suit, he settled in one reassuring thought.
At least my conscience is clear.



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