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-It has to be in there, Somtar said, pointing at a cave.
-Stay low. Rangoor crept closer.
The others were crouching behind them. This was it. The lair of the killer. They did not know what kind of creature it was. Hopefully it was of this world.
Rangoor threw a rock. A terrifying roar was heard from inside the cave. A huge animal came out, screaming. Fierce. Angry. A Saber Tooth Cat.
Rimber fell. He was the youngest, too young to be a hunter. The beast attacked. Somtar threw himself between them. Razor sharp claws cut his chest. He fell back, blood pumping.
Parghar threw his spear. It stuck to the side of the beast’s flank. It turned, attacked. Sunk it’s teeth into his neck. Rangoor and Melmor was over it, their spears sinking into it's flesh. Roars of pain echoed between the walls.
-He saved my life, young Rimber said. His eyes were red, his mouth small and shaking. Somtar had been like a father to him.
-We are only three hunters now. Life will be hard. Melmor was sitting on one knee, beside his friend Parghar’s dead body.
Rangoor looked to the hills of the falling sun. -If only we could live in our old land…
The other two were silent. The memories of The Day of the Massacre, the day the Silmar tribe had come and taken their land were still strong and painful. More than half their tribe was lost.
-Listen! Said Rimber. The other two looked at him, asking.
-It comes from the cave!
The child jumped closer.
-Rimber, no! Rangoor took a step towards him.
-Look! It’s a cub! Rimber picked up the fluffy little animal. Little fangs were sticking out of it’s mouth. -It’s beautiful!
Inside the cave there were four more.
-Next summer these will be as fierce as their mother, Melmor said, pulling his flint knife out of his belt.
-No! Said Rimber, holding on to the cub in his arms. -Let me keep at least one... Now tears were running down his cheeks.
-Rimber, there’s no…
Rangoor put a hand on Melmor’s shoulder.
-We will bring them all with us. His eyes were glowing. -Next summer we’ll get our land back.
Three hunters were lying on a hill, but today they were not hunting. The wind was blowing in their direction so the wolves, always close to the Silmar tribe, would not scent them. Four huge beasts were lying by their side.
They had names. Fang was the biggest one, a male. The other three were females, Claw, Snow and Bite.
Melmor had a big scar on his shoulder from the day their brother Force had died. Wild animals are unpredictable.
Marang and his wife Wildang was watching their little son playing with his friends. He was growing fast, and was of the strongest of his age. They were holding hands, in love.
A saber cat came out of the forest. Three other followed. Running towards the playing children. Wildang screamed. One of the monsters caught their son. Threw him away like a rag.
Marang grabbed a pointed stick, one they used to dig holes in the ground. Ran towards the animal.
One beast clawed down another child. Marang stabbed it. It roared, turned. His brother Boorgha attacked from the other side.
Men came running out of the forest. Strangers. He hardly noticed them.
One of them cut his throat.
The man fell to the ground in front of Rangoor’s feet. The other was killed by Snow's claws. She had a spear in her back. Fast as a wind she turned towards Rangoor. Her saber teeth came down on his chest.
-Noooo!!! Melmor jumped, stabbed the animal. She looked at him, confused, and ran off into the forest.
The three other beasts moved on into the village, clawing down anyone in their way. Some Silmars fought bravely but futilely. The ones who tried to run were met by spears and rocks in the bushes.
The Silmar tribe was gone forever. Rangoor lay dead on the ground beside them. Snow was never seen again.
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