There is America for you... ruled by CAPITALISM (Profiteering, self interest of the rich only) which explains why monsters like Turmp, Hillary, Obama, Bush, Reagan, Pompeo, Bolton, Pence and pretty much everyone else that is now or has been before, in US government tell you all those insane and mental things (like this in the video) and they NEVER tell you the actual truth.
US government is just actors, it is really just an acting club where actors are hired by the Capitalist to act for them and tell you, the public whatever they want you to hear, and you are sold this illusion of prosperity, equality, human rights and other shit they brainwashed you into believing.
Americans are completely brainwashed
PS: if you haven't already please watch the movie Snowpiercer made in 2013 ( as it represents the true state of Fascist Capitalist America, and you as an American, will see perception of it, depending on what part of the train you happen to find yourself in when you are born.
And when you watch that movie, you will find part that corresponds to this mental idea to arm little kids... and fucks in American politics are actually promoting this, because the capitalists pay them to.... so do you still think you are free and you have democracy and truth, that you are some special country?
Actually America is special, very special, but not the kind of special you think... its the other special part of the mental spectrum. America is completely MENTAL.

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