I see a lot of people complaining about not being paid enough or appreciated enough.
Short answer: You don't get paid enough because you are scared to take risks.
Let me explain.

Reward is proportionate to the results you produce and the risks you take. If you are just an employee and your company goes down... the owners and investors lose millions (possibly bankruptcy), while you just go submit your resume to another company.

Foreword: This is only for people in Capitalist nations. This post won't help socialists or communists.

An entrepreneur finds a solution to a problem, works blood sweat and tears to build company around it, then provide jobs, and gets rewarded. If somehow the company collapses, the entrepreneur and his investors loses millions, while you just hand your resume to "another" entrepreneur.
You didnt take the massive risks the entrepreneur or the investors did; that's why you get paid hourly.
Investors use their hard earned money from a previous business to invest in a new business. They could've spent it on a first class vacation, or a mansion or a Bugatti, but they chose to risk it on a new investment instead.

Please don't whine about kids lucky to be born in a rich family. The chances of that happening is really really low lol.
Their parents or grandparents worked hard and took risks to build a business that lasted generations. If you continue to spend mental energy envying them, it will only slow you down your path of success.
The universe decided where we get born into. That is out of our control. Our only choice is to move forward.

Wanna Get Paid Appropriately?

Take more risks. Borrow money, apply for bank loans and be an investor instead of a worker. It Doesnt have to be a big company, a rental property or concession stand is a great start. Some people would just save a small capital and export goods from china and sell em to amazon or ebay.

People misunderstand and think only production is the prerequisite to payment. It's actually "production in proportion to risks taken."
Entrepreneurs worked their butts off, blood sweat and tears to build a company; you didn't. If building a company is easy, everybody would do it. If it wasn't scary, you'd do it too. But you didn't... so they took all the risks, not you. They had all the courage, you didnt.

The subprime crisis taught us that 'no company is too big to fail.' Everybody was affected.
And Decentralized CryptoCurrency is about to teach us that even the 'untouchable banks,' that have been ruling over us for the last thousand years, is about to burn in flames.

If a hardworking farmer works blood, sweat and tears to produce the best quality egg at a cheaper price: He will get rewarded for it.
As demand rises; so too will the need to expand. He will need to hire more workers.
Question: Should the workers have equal pay as the farmer?
Answer: Only if they invest and take the same amount of risks. Or else the farmer will get screwed.

If the farm burns down, only the farmer will get screwed and his "loyal workers" will work for another farmer.
"Uuuhhh.... we'd love to stay and help you clean the ashes, but we a have families to feed. So, uhhh, we're going to work for your competition across town."

And all his hard-work, blood, sweat and tears... gets flushed down the toilet.


Companies should have "open investing option" for its workers. Where a worker can save their paychecks to buy company shares. After all, they do spend 40 hours a week there. So now that they are part of the risk too, they can be paid accordingly.
And I mean directly buy shares. Not the BS we call the 'stock market' where they rape you with fees, and only "accredited investors" are given good prices.
But the problem is (ok, not really a problem), but the owners/investors have the free choice to sell shares or not. Or to whom. If it's a positive cashflow for them, they will continue to hold on to it, not sell.

We have come a long way from our previous slavery system: monarchy. Where only royals and nobles can own big businesses.
In capitalism, "everybody" has a chance to build their own business. Especially, you. You have the freedom to build and become rich if you're willing to work hard for it and accept the risks.
It doesnt have to be a big business. It can start as small as it gets. It can be a small rental property, small time retail, food truck, or you can even work for yourself. Writing on yours.org is a good example.
I see people online getting paid for "charting" lol, which is pretty ridiculous IMO (since whales manipulate everything). But hey, if there's demand for it, then yeah, more power.

Nobody's Stopping You.

You are free to borrow a business loan and create your future. But you must also accept the appropriate risks. If you don't have the guts for it, or if it's not your thing (or you don't want to spend sleepless nights building a business); then you must accept the fact that you will have to work for the risk takers. You will only get paid for production, not risk taken.

In a company, what do you think happens at the end of the day? You, as a worker, get to go home to your loving family and watch NFL on the couch. While the managers/owners stay in office, worrying about competition, taxes, growth, sales, problems, etc etc etc.
Despite what you think, there are very very few "well oiled machine-like companies." Too big to fail companies can suddenly drown. The subprime crisis proved that.

Think about it.

Why do entrepreneurs take massive risks: quitting their jobs, dropping out of school, taking massive loans, sleepless nights, tirelessly working 24/7, just to build a company? Because the reward is appropriately high too (and risks too obviously).

If you cut off the egg farmers ability to grow his company; Who will take risks and provide jobs?

Nobody. There is no incentive for people to start or grow a company if the gov't will just eventually confiscate them.
The only people who provide jobs are the business owners. Remember that.

Take risks. Start small, but get out of your comfort zone and take risks.


Competition results in innovation. Silicon Valley companies competing against each other, provided our modern innovations today... the fast computer, wifi and all the technology we have today-- is because they outcompeted each other.
This is not possible in other countries where the Gov't confiscates companies/businesses.
The bad rap that capitalism got, is actually from Corporatism... They are evil. Not Capitalism. Capitalism remains neutral forever.

And the Most Important Thing...

You, and only you, are responsible for your life. If you are a socialist born in a capitalist country, stop blaming the Gov't... instead, make plans to move to a socialist country like China or Denmark.
If a capitalist nation doesnt make you happy, then move to a communist or a socialist nation. You really can't be staying in a place that makes you miserable. You just can't spend your life bickering about it, it's not good for your well-being.

"But but but... I have friends and family here.... "
Well, you now have to decide if your friends are worth staying for. If you only see em at weekends, and are miserable for the rest of the week; then decide if it's worth staying for or if it's better to find happiness in another place.
Good luck!

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And what if everyone listened to your solution, which is what every pro-capitalism person says? What if everyone stopped working for someone else?
  1. corporations would collapse and cease to exist
  2. nothing big could be built any more as any larger project needs groups of people to work on it, one man alone can do very little
  3. all business would be family businesses (or 1 person business)
  4. Capitalism would cease to exist and you would have communism (because every worker would no longer have a master/boss and would get rewarded fully for his/her work, which is what real communism is about)
   9mo ago
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Nah, I was appealing to my fellow capitalist. Majority of the population are socialists/communist, they are only there to take jobs, and not provide them. (Nothing wrong with that, they are free to live their lives). So Businesses will never run out of workers because of that.
I just dont believe there'll be abundance of innovation and jobs if the gov't keeps confiscating businesses lol.
And yeah, free world, there should be a place for all economic beliefs. I'm a capitalist and Im happy where I am. And I hope you find a communist country you can be happy too. Goodluck, peace.
   9mo ago
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We're cool :-)
   9mo ago
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Encouraging entrepreneurship is not necessarily a bad thing as well as healthy increases of risk to increase reward; I did want to point out though that people can make a decent amount working for others, and that if they can't become entrepreneurs they can also consider: "Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organization." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intrapreneurship
   9mo ago