There are very smart people saying CW is a member of the "Satoshi group" or Satoshi himself, this is impressive because all these guys are crypto-guru and can't be fooled easily. CSW's narrative is sometimes defective and offensive but a rational explanation could be that he does not want to prove his identity to the whole world but only to a few.
I can't decide where the truth is but CSW philosophy and targets are very interesting. For example his explanation regarding “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks” (“03/Gen/2009"" is solid rock.*


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Craig S Wright (CSW) is an unrepentant fraudster.
Sometime betweeen 2014 - 2015, CSW went back and altered an old 2008 blog post, to make it seem like he was working on cryptocurrency in 2008, to bolster his fraudulent Satoshi claim in 2016.
Do a search (CTRL-F) for "dissertation" to find the altered paragraphs:
   8mo ago