When I was little I remember my grandmother telling the story of a girl who had a wound in one of her feet and the mother was not dedicated to cure her; However, a neighbor's dog one day started to lick that wound, leaving it healthy over time as if by magic. I always wondered if that story could be real and how the licking of a dog that seems unhygienic to many could cure him without further injury. Today, thinking of my beloved grandmother, I remembered such a crazy story and it occurred to me to dig a little, here I leave what I found.

Dogs love to lick us, as it is a way to give love and thank for care, this act is something unpleasant for many people, because they believe that the dog's saliva can contaminate with their bacteria, however, there are studies that demonstrate the opposite.
Dogs have an enzyme in saliva called lysozyme that interferes with bacterial cells and is not only found in saliva, but also in the tears of these furry little friends. In addition, the saliva of dogs also contains a nitrite that when in contact with the skin is transformed into nitric oxide, a chemical component that prevents bacteria from proliferating and therefore keeps the wound safe from infections; Another protein present in the saliva of dogs, called histin has been shown to have antibiotic properties, so it stimulates cell regeneration of the skin, which causes wounds to close more quickly and without complications.
The saliva of these creatures also contains an enzyme called opiorphine which works as an analgesic, reducing pain a bit; It also works as an antiseptic when it comes to personal hygiene in humans, because it contains disinfectant substances, so it can be compared with an antibacterial gel. It is also known that dogs contain some bacteria and microbes in their stomach, which through the probiotic effect they cause, help humans to improve their bacterial flora.
As you have already read, the saliva of a dog manages to be very beneficial, although it can also have its cons, since, as well as it can help in many things, this liquid also contains bacteria that when in contact with very deep wounds can cause serious infections.
Many are the wonders that a dog offers us, from giving us vigilance, love to his pleasant company. These animals considered as the best friend of man have turned out to be a great wonder for humans, because now we not only know that we have their tenderness and care but also with their healing properties, so we must give them as much love as we can and remember that They are one of the best creations that the universe has.
Well friends I hope you liked this publication and that it serves as knowledge, especially for those who love one of the most beautiful creatures with which we can share, dogs.


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Great point! Just yesterday I was talking about this with a friend of ours while playing with his three huge pit bull dogs who licked me all over my face and I was getting concerned about the germs. And he said the same thing, not to worry, dog saliva is actually safer than human saliva! )))
   2mo ago