Good afternoon, dear friends of YOURS.ORG, let's be honest, please, I know that many are in great need, due to illness, exams that need to be done in a number of things. But please do not publish false information, do not play with the needs of others,
If you are going to post a post asking for help, place real photos with user names, personal details, full name, budgets, in short things that show us that they are real.
Let's not make this community a house of beneficence.
Thinking about all these cases, I propose a small foundation in the name of Yours. in which we can give support and help these people who need our help, and please put more quality content.
As they take the time to post the post asking for help, do the same by publishing quality content for which they can pay you or give you some rewards.
Friends excuse so much sincerity, but we ourselves are damaging our platform, I say our because I consider myself part of it.
Excuse my English so bad


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