All the big dreams and words and potential I can leave aside for now and take an action.
Even if its micro-payments, it seems that I manage to have a regular income for the creation I produce, and I can never run out of inspiration, because everybody was born, and has a name, and what I do is turning it into music. By doing it, I will become a better musician as well.
From the tunes I made last two days, and from the tunes I will create in the future, I will be saving 20 % and tipping it to this post. And do something useful and meaningful with it. Like feed some bellies somewhere over the ocean.

If someone tips this post, I will take 20% from it for myself.

Yours gave me the possibility to act in a way I dreamed of, generating money with what I love, create income for myself and share with others,even if its in small scale. Possibly I can combine the profit and the sharing. I would like to have both present in my life.

There is saying, you can not love others, if you do not love yourself first. I am also often told to first help myself before helping others. Well, maybe it does not have to be in linear way, and I can do both in same time. I do not have the money but I have skills that can generate them.
We all know the BCH fund slogan, from little things big things grow.

I made some tunes for CryptoDignity, and YoursDignity, and got some very nice private feedback. Now I am reaching out to individuals who got their tune, and asking, if they could comment on this post to verify my words, and give some credibility to it and maybe hit the tip button.

For last two tunes I got 2 dollars tip, so I am putting 40 cents here.

OMG, it feels so good, I can do what I dreamed of, I do not need anybody's permission to to so, and have all I need to do so:
Thank you Yours platform, Yours community, cryptocurrency, micropayments and myself.
This really is empowerment.

Most of the tunes I made are bellow.
Please note, I am not a great musician, but I do what nobody else is doing, and I am making people happy with that.
I am getting older and I can easily die tomorrow and my things would never benefit to anybody, that is why I let my ego and the old well known, "I am not good enough", aside, and I am doing the best I can at this given moment. As Satoshi Doodles said, better done then perfect.
The tunes are derived using numerology principals to calculate the date or name, and applying music harmony so it sounds good.

@Jin Jules

I am not selling the tunes. And takes me several hours to make one. The profit I am taking on it it is not the money yet, it is the time I spent practicing, it is the feeling I get when people get back to me, and it is the empowerment of doing what I like and evolving my vision. Thank you for reaching so far as the end of this post.
May good things keep happening.

I probably will link this posts some places now and then. If you want to tip it still, please do so in comments. Like that I can keep track of the income to the post and keep my word, while being fair.
So far, 10,- went to the post of Satoshi Doodles pointing to Reddit BCH giveaway
20,- to @eatBCH Twitter account.
3.5,- went to Alberto, to feed next person to make a tune and generate for others.
There is 3.5,- left for sharing and 9,- for me.
Thank You.



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Your song for Clemens is beautiful! :)
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This comment is for you to tip if you want to.
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This comment is for me to add 20% of earnings from my tunes.
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