It is getting colder. It's getting harder to think and feel. And when you think, it is isolated from feeling, it is a mathematician's mind, with ones and zeroes. Everything can be explained, every question has an answer. This arrogance clouds our judgement and negates intutition. It impoverishes the individual and devoids them of the ability to understand. But leaves them with a heightened false sense of self-importance and intelligence. This is what the song is about.
The video was recorded by my wife Marina Uzelac and it was digitally processed by my friend Dražen Hižak. It was the first single from our then-upcoming debut album 'Sno Sna' released in September 2017 for the most renowned alternative label in the region 'Moonlee Records' as well as French label 'VOX project'. You can support me and the band either on bandcamp or you can buy stuff from our facebook store. Thank you and see you soon!


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