Adoption is necessary for any cryptocurrencies to thrive, and one way of spreading adoption is making products, projects, or apps that are accessible and easy to use for the users. But the question is — Is Bitcoin Cash ready for this? Let's see.

If you are a Bitcoin Cash supporter, you know where you head to if you want an info about BCH — either through or Bitcoin Cash main website.

On, you will see some of the cool projects built on BCH namely wallet, BCH Faucet, Bitcoin Cash Games, and Paper Money. I haven't personally tried Paper Money yet. Whereas, on Bitcoincash website, you will see a more intensive list of projects that use Bitcoin Cash. Some of which are Memo and Pompler.

They all look cool honestly, but they aren't as cool when using them - at least some of them absolutely need improvements especially the bitcoin cash faucet.

So I was trying to use the Bitcoin Cash faucet to get some free BCH that I could use as a sample cash for BCH games. Unfortunately, the faucet was a real disappointment.

First, you need to download the wallet. I did it. The second step is to sign in via Google. I did that, but it was not letting me sign in successfully. Now, there was no way I could claim some free BCH if I weren't signed in.

I tried using my brother's phone. Pfftt. Same error. I tried this 15X. I gave up. I cashed out my small earnings from then, and I deposited it to the wallet address found on the BCH online games. More like gambling to be honest.

So you already know what happened. I did not win. I lost the money. I didn't regret it. It was fun anyway for trying out. Is it fair though? Well, the site claims yes. See it for yourself.

With my experience, The BCH online games worked really well which helped ease my frustration with the BCH faucet. As soon as you deposit, you can instantly play as well, so this one is an 8/10. Not that bad, but why not 10? Well, because it still needs improvements in its user interface. It would have been better if the games displayed well on a mobile browser through a mobile view. I had to switch to desktop view, so I could see the whole features. They have an Android app though, so maybe that works better for phones.

All right. So, how about other BCH-based projects mentioned above?

Well, the Pomper website is as just frustrating as the Bitcoin Cash faucet, but I absolutely like the idea behind it which is people pomps your post with BCH if they like it.

It was just frustrating that it was not working. I could not log in at first, and once I did, I couldn't navigate the website. 😩

What's the use? I gave up.

And then we have the mobile wallet. This one is not working on Android 4.0 (and maybe even below version 4.0).

I think wallet should still work on lower versions of Android, because there are still many people who use those versions.

If other wallets can do it, why can't wallet?

Furthermore, the other BCH project I tried is Memo. On Memo, you need some BCH to create an account and pay a small free for every post you create.

These can be discouraging to potential users especially when a website asks you deposit BCH first to create an account. There's not even an alternative way to get a Memo account for free. On Steemit, you can still get a free account. The only condition is to at least wait two weeks for it to be processed.

Final Thoughts

There are many more BCH-based projects out there that you can find, but a bad quality beats out quantity.

As they also say, one negative review from someone can spread like a wildfire, so the developers building on Bitcoin Cash should fix the bugs as soon as possible.

I also hope that before lists a project or a BCH-based app, they should test those first.

Have you tried any of these projects or other apps/projects based on Bitcoin Cash? How was your experience?

Namaste and keep growing,




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