This entry is intended to share CryptoArt-themed digital artwork specifically for BCH or Bitcoin Cash. The CryptoArt approach becomes strategic to attract the attention of uncharted people familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.
I'm planning to create a lot of digital artwork for Bitcoin Cash which I'll post via the YOURS.ORG platform considering is an alternative decentralized social media that lets users get awards from good content.
I do not have enough knowledge to write about blockchain technology let alone make an analysis of crypto, the only option for me to be able to share good content is to create artwork and publish it into the public domain in order to be used by many people.
Sharing artwork on a platform that rewards creators is certainly better than sharing on social media that highlights the benefits of its owners by leveraging its users.
I have included some of these digital artworks on paid content below and I publish in (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License) where you are free to copy, mix, modify and distribute all material for any purpose even commercially.
Hopefully many happy and support for my efforts. Thank you in advance.


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