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Welcome to Yours! I am also an advocate of free speech as well as a strong advocate for private property. Youtube, twitter, facebook have every right to ban whatever and whoever they want on their platforms. People have every right disagree with them and to use other platforms. This is what freedom looks like.
My question to you. As a member of the military you effectively take orders from politicians. Is there any order you would refuse? And what does your training say about disobeying orders?
   10mo ago
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I'm not currently in the CAF. I did it in high school (only training). So I've never been in a situation where I had to question orders in combat. And there's no reason to question orders during training.
In regards to oaths, CAF members swear allegiance to the Queen of Canada (sigh) which is the Queen of England. Sadly, Canada is a constitutional monarchy, where all CAF members and even new citizens pledge allegiance to the Queen instead of the Canadian people.
Sadly, all bills in Canada have to receive Royal Assent (stamp of approval from Governor General, the Queen's representative in Canada) in order for any law to be passed. Constitutions are quite interesting to read. I did an analysis of a few of them in my Whistleblower book and whether they serve the people or the government.
Thanks for commenting.
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