Hello Yours community this is Shawn Alli (a new member). I was initially going to join Steemit but they said it’s a 1-3 week wait. That seems counterproductive in attracting people to a new social media platform, but...to each their own within ethics.
The chain in how I got here begins with a friend talking about blockchain technology revolutionizing the future. I looked into its many applications, came across Steemit, and then came across Yours, and here I am. Hopefully this will be community of genuine people who say what they mean and mean what they say (unlike other social media websites with fake people and online trolls). Kudos to charging money for comments. A novel idea.
A bit of background info on me. I'm from Toronto, Canada. I'm a philosopher, author, writer and conspiracy theorist. Don’t let the last label worry you. I'm a bit more rational than others you may have seen in the media. I went to York University in Toronto and majored in Philosophy. After I graduated I worked in Northern Aboriginal communities in Canada with youth for almost 3 years in total.
Living in this house for a number of years:
Did you know that most houses in rural communities use water trucks and sewage trucks? Oh dear god the sewage days.
While it was great work, the politics of Aboriginal communities is pretty tough, and eventually you wear out your welcome. After coming back to Toronto I decided to write non-fictional books and articles. And now I'm moving onto fictional screenplays for my own animations in the future. Hopefully it'll be finished sometimes in mid-2019. Just finishing up voice recording.
Did you know that a piece of cardboard with foam pads from Wal-Mart do pretty much the same thing as super expensive acoustic foam?
Did you know that a $100.00 dynamic mic can be just as good as a $1500.00 condenser mic?
Andrew Hung from YouTube did a great job comparing a few mics
I actually started off with the $22.00 mic.
But when you record in your basement or garage you don't want a super expensive studio condenser mic to pick up the sound of crickets or the hum of your laptop. Did you know that even if you live in a detached house, you can still hear the sound of your neighbors playing musical instruments in your basement? You learn something new every day.
Aside from the writing and animation I do background (BG) work/extras in TV.
Nothing big though. That blur of background people in your favorite commercial? That might be me. Did you know that most US or European commercials meant for a global audience are usually shot in Canada due to our low Canadian dollar? But let's not get into TV and unions shoots. That’s a whole other ball game (damn film unions).
The unfortunate side of doing BG work is that I don't get to grow out my hair:
The more I grow it out the less I look like background. And yes, I do have a small head so the puffy Guyanese hair looks funny. But it should play well in the future when I get to the standup phase (maybe 10 years from now).
Obviously I'm not on Yours for anonymity. I'm on here to be a genuine person and live the dream of financial security from Yours with Bitcoin Cash being converted to...future financial security for my future wife and future 6 kids, with a prenuptial agreement of course. I'm not going to make the same mistake that Johnny Depp made. Ah the dream to buy things on Amazon.com with cryptocurrencies.
As a philosopher, in 2018 I find that it's very difficult to be genuine today, be it on social media or in person. Say the wrong thing and you’re fired, blacklisted, or isolated socially and professionally. I don't want to live in such a world. I despise censorship. I despise political correctness. I despise victim mentality spread by...sorry, I’ll leave that for another post.
I want to live in a world where free speech is king, where we can disagree but still respect one another and defend each other’s right to free speech. I hope that Yours is such a community. When a person is fake and disingenuous to themselves and others it starts to erode ones soul. And after that erosion, the only thing left is your ideological ego and multiple sources of past conditioning.
Most of my writing is done through long form articles. That means that I won't be able to post every day. Kudos to you if you can do that. It usually takes me a week or more to write a good article. But I can make comments on other people's posts (when I finally add money to the wallet, and added to the account). Banks and cryptocurrencies in Canada are such a headache:
I'll start re-posting all of my articles from my website on Yours and go from there. Most will be free. Only the longest ones will cost spare change.
Being a free speech advocate I write on all topics, nothing is taboo. It remains to be seen whether Yours, Steemit and blockchain technology in general will be the last bastion of free speech. As of August 2018, the flame of free speech is beginning to burn out with the ban of Alex Jones from all social media platforms:
You don't have to agree with what a person says. But banning their free speech on dominant platforms is going too far. Yes the major platforms are private companies, but that’s really saying that anything they don't like, they down vote with algorithms or just ban outright. It's ironic. While Silicon Valley was heralded as the epitome of free speech by liberals in the 90s, in 2018 it represents censorship and a giant vacuum for Big Data to profit from.
I write about politics, the environment, inequality, racism, sexism, conspiracy theories, health, consciousness, philosophy, science, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, cryptocurrencies, foreign policy, economics, academia, censorship, political correctness, LGBTQ rights, ethics, religion, empowerment...and such.
I'm pretty sure many people will disagree with these articles and/or take offense to them. And that’s okay. Major issues will never be resolved if we stick to our secluded ideological bubbles and echo chambers and down voting articles that we don’t agree with. Even if you believe in X, there’s no reason you can't argue Y just for fun or for the challenge in seeing things from a new perspective.
If you have a thin skin, then I suggest you look away from my past and future articles. I began to develop a thicker skin after joining the Canadian Armed Forces in high school.
Nothing major, just training as a private recruit (no combat). Yes, skinny people do just as well in the military. You should see how much we eat with our metabolism. It's disturbing.
Thanks for listening and reading.

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Welcome to Yours! I am also an advocate of free speech as well as a strong advocate for private property. Youtube, twitter, facebook have every right to ban whatever and whoever they want on their platforms. People have every right disagree with them and to use other platforms. This is what freedom looks like.
My question to you. As a member of the military you effectively take orders from politicians. Is there any order you would refuse? And what does your training say about disobeying orders?
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I'm not currently in the CAF. I did it in high school (only training). So I've never been in a situation where I had to question orders in combat. And there's no reason to question orders during training.
In regards to oaths, CAF members swear allegiance to the Queen of Canada (sigh) which is the Queen of England. Sadly, Canada is a constitutional monarchy, where all CAF members and even new citizens pledge allegiance to the Queen instead of the Canadian people.
Sadly, all bills in Canada have to receive Royal Assent (stamp of approval from Governor General, the Queen's representative in Canada) in order for any law to be passed. Constitutions are quite interesting to read. I did an analysis of a few of them in my Whistleblower book and whether they serve the people or the government.
Thanks for commenting.
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