Hello Yours friends. I know that this causes some annoyance for some of them, but today I find myself in need of asking for help for my grandmother, since here in Venezuela, due to the crisis we are going through every day, it is harder for my parents to cover my medical expenses. granny in these last days is worse the situation for the death of my grandfather since the funeral expenses left us without a penny
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My grandmother was always a very active and consenting person, with me, my brothers and my cousins. Two years ago I went to an ACV which resulted in two weeks in Coma State and when I woke up I never went back to doing their daily activities since then my mother is in bed and my aunts attend her in all her care as she is feeding her the food in your mouth, change it every time you defecate, for which you have to buy 3 packs of weekly diapers which each package bring 6 units and each package has a value of 2,000Bs.S apart from that your diet is all low in fat and are mostly soups of white meats and fruits with many nutrients here in Venezuela a chicken has the approximate value of 800 Bs.S which is only enough for 3 days in the week in expenses for feeding is approximately 2,000 Bs.S weekly, you also have to buy an antiescara mattress for your condition of being in bed. Since it is only passed to the wheelchair to feed and clean it despite being a very close family, it is only my 2 aunts and my mother and none of them work because they spend the whole day attending it and you count only with the little that my father and my uncles earn.
We do not reach $ 30 per month and approximately it is necessary to cover all the expenses of my grandmother's illness 250 $ monthly, I make this publication because in my previous post I publish what I study and work. This is my way of helping my grandmother and I have the consent of my mother and my aunt I know that for many of us we are beggars, we are not beggars. We are people who work and study every day, only now that this crisis harms us all, food shortages, drugs, speculation. The little purchasing power among others .
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