Nobody ignites a lamp to conceal it under a cabin, but someone puts it in a high place for this one shine to everything those who are in the house.
If we look closely at the World That Surrounds Us, EVERYTHING WAS CREATED to call Our Attention in All Senses, The Seas with their greatness and majesty, the plants with their Great Variety and colors, the Animals All with Various Forms and Purposes, the son with his great power and many more things than son Unique and IMPORTANT.
Everything God has done is good.
Many times we spend years hiding, our way of thinking, our talents, ideas and desires. I want to say that each one of us is a light in this world full of darkness, capable of turning back everything bad.
Why let ourselves be dragged by the corruption and the lie of this world, when we can speak the truth and the responsibility of the client, the consequences of the same (only the brave ones do this), or why hide our talent, which can serve for do? of the world a better place, just because maybe what I do is not lucrative or professional enough (money, nor stereotypes have made a better society).
Shine is:

  • Give your hand to a friend in times of anguish.
  • Sing to raise the spirits of the decayed and fill of strength to the weak.
  • Speak the truth even if everyone is against this.
  • Assume your mistakes and make an effort not to commit them again.
  • Give hope although sometimes we are desperate.
  • Do with others as we want them to do with us.
  • Give respect and esteem to others.
  • Love, accept, forgive ourselves.
Because God already did it.

Shine , do not hide anymore.



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