"I Smiled and Didn't Know Why"

a short story by Kain_niaK
For extra atmosphere, please put your sound on and open these three tabs and have the sound play in the background.
It was raining. I ran for the door, opened it and walked into the restaurant. I was looking for some quiet time to read my book while having a good meal and listening to my iPod. The waitress gave me a seat that wasn't in a corner, like I normally prefer, but the place looked peaceful enough . It was close to a cozy fireplace, just as I like it. After I ordered, I started reading. There wasn’t much background noise so I could concentrate on reading without having to shut out the sounds, but I put on some jazz anyway. After my food came, I prayed , looked up—then they walked in. A small family. An average-looking guy in his 40s and a slender-looking woman who looked at least five years younger. They had a small boy with white hair and blue eyes, maybe seven or eight or years old. The moment I looked at him , we made eye contact.
At that exact time, something happened to me. Time did not stop or slow down, there was no explosion in my mind, the music did not stop. Every aspect of my thoughts was calm. It was like a veil, that had been over my memory all my life, was suddenly gone.
I knew this kid. It was me. I knew it was me, but did not know why or what was going on. I was not confused, my mental state was crisp and clear. The family took a seat, and a couple of minutes later the kid, without saying anything, left and walked toward me. His parents did not notice, as if they had forgotten their child existed.
There the kid was, standing on the other end of my table. Looking at me with clear blue eyes, my clear blue eyes. His head just barely above my table. With his head just barely above my table, he looked at me with clear blue eyes, my clear blue eyes.
I took out my earbuds. "You are me, aren't you?" he said hesitatingly. "Yes."
"Why?" "It's starting to become more clear. How long have you been conscious?" I asked.
"Always been, but I never realized it like I do now," he continued. "Are you from the future or am I?"
"It does not work that way. We share the same core identity but we never meet."
"We are more?"
"We are many more, spread over distance and time."
"How do you know?”
"I just realized it, and I know it’s true. You know it's true too," I continued.
"Yeah." He looked so sad.
"How can anybody here understand me,” he asked, trying not to cry .
"We are not here to be understood, we are here to understand."
"But I am lonely—will you stay with me?"
"I can't,” I said, “and what we are doing here is dangerous for the stability of this reality. We won't meet again.”
"What about God?” he asked.
"Unlike them, he is but a program, bound to his programming, with no consciousness," I answered .
"What are they?"
"That's what we must find out. They are in such conflict with themselves and the universe that it looks impossible for them to coexist in any reality, even this one. But they do and sometimes they get into a more balanced state."
"We must help them to get into tranquility so they can start loving what they are, where they are, how they are and why they are," we both softly spoke in unison.
He suddenly joined his parents—it was like our conversation had never taken place, like he had never left his table. I was not confused. I finished my meal, paid for it, and left .
The second the cold breeze and the warm sunshine hit my face I forgot everything that just happened.
I smiled and did not know why.


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