It can serve as a phenomenal primer for other stringed instruments. The ukulele is operated like most stringed instruments. All you have to do to get a note is to press down one of the uke’s strings. Pressing down and strumming multiple notes at once will get you a chord. Therefore, if you want to learn how to play a violin, guitar, or bass, you can easily start by learning to play the ukulele. It is the easiest instrument to play when you are interested in playing the guitar but are not ready to invest in it financially or with their time. This instrument is versatile enough for anyone to learn and easily transfer the skills learnt to another stringed instrument like the guitar.

  1. It is a social instrument. The ukulele is not an intimidating instrument. It is small, fun, accessible, and friendly, so anyone can pick it up and play. The tone is delightful to hear and play no matter the expertise level of who is holding and playing it. As a matter of fact, you could be playing it on your own and a few people will move closer to enjoy your music.
  2. It is affordable. The ukulele is one instrument that is reasonably priced even when compared to other small instruments like violins. You can get a new one of good quality that meets your needs and fits right into your budget. The inexpensive nature of the uke is because of its small size which requires less materials and workload are involved in making it, as compared to making a guitar. With a budget of $50-$300, you can buy a soprano, concert, tenor, or baritone ukulele that will not get damaged easily. It is actually quite hard to get a good guitar without paying between $400 and $500. It is actually costlier for an electric guitar as you will have to budget for an amplifier and cables. Music Groupies is a great site to visit for an advice on choosing high quality and budget-friendly ukuleles of different sizes and designs.
  3. It is an easy switch for guitar players. Guitar players can easily switch to the ukulele. Every guitar technique and knowledge can be learned on the uke. The only difference may be the names of the scales and chord shapes. So, if you are an experienced guitar player but need an instrument to switch over to for a while, the ukulele is the best instrument to switch to.
  4. It is easy to adapt most songs for the ukulele. Most music from different cultures can be adapted to the ukulele. You can easily play most songs on the ukulele, no matter how challenging playing them on other instruments may be. There are a lot of resources on the internet that are uke-related and easy for aspiring singers to learn with. The simple construction of this instrument also makes it easier to play songs with complicated chords. With its limited range of four strings, the uke is easy to adapt songs to, compared to other instruments like the guitars and pianos.
  5. It is easy to hold. The small size of the ukulele and its lightweight frame makes it easy for most people to hold and play. Unlike the guitar than most kids and young adults find difficult to hold, the uke is an easy instrument to pick up conveniently.
  6. It is easy to learn. The ukulele is one of the easiest stringed instruments to learn. It has 4 soft strings that are mild on the fingertips. The number of strings make learning of chords and scales easier. The small size of the ukulele also reduces tension on the wrist because the notes are easier to reach without stretching.
  7. It is portable. Another reason you should be playing the ukulele is because it is one of the tiniest instruments on earth. It is small and easy to carry. It is actually easy to take it almost everywhere you go. Despite the great sound produced by drums, pianos and even guitars, moving them around for performances or practice can be very tedious. In contrast, you can just toss your uke into the backseat of your car, take it with you on a plane, take it on a crowded subway train, and even take it to work.
  8. It is very friendly for children and complete beginners to learn music with. The ukulele is a great starter instrument for children or adults who are interested in learning an instrument. Its small size, soft strings, and lightweight frame make it one of the easiest instruments to play. Unlike the acoustic and electric guitars that can be hard to get used to because of the calluses they give, the uke has soft strings that are easy and painless to press down.
  9. It sounds great. The sound of the ukulele is rich, warm and happy. It sounds nice enough to be played in the bedroom, at a party, or in a park. Its sound can put a smile on the face of anyone who listens to you play. You could learn just three chords and play a lot of songs that can impress friends with your knowledge.

Learning to play an ukulele is indeed an awesome idea. As a matter of fact, picking up an ukulele might be the right boost of happiness you need. There are so many reasons why you should be playing the ukulele, and hopefully the 10 reasons listed above will be enough to inspire you. Get this small but mighty instrument and you will surely fall in love with playing it right away.