Greetings dear community of YOURS.ORG. Today I come to this beautiful platform to present and promote a project that for a long time I have been thinking but that I had not dared. I have the great pleasure of inviting you to be part of BITCOIN CASH CHRISTCHURCH
Our Vision is that we be thousands of people, united by the same passion and purpose: to please the heart of Jesus and proclaim his transforming message throughout Venezuela and the World.
The goal is for each of us to serve with passion and commitment, giving the best of ourselves, focused on a nation rendered, entirely at the feet of Jesus, to embrace and promote Christianity in the blockchain by spreading the love of God and holding the beauty of his creation, building a supportive community and fighting evil in any way he could take. '
In what way can you participate, be part of this community, it is easy as follows:
  • Provide spiritual and moral guidance within the block chain.
  • Fight for freedom in life and from oppression and slavery.
  • Guarantee freedom and basic human rights for all humanity.
  • Create communities of solidarity with faith and build effective Christian leaders. To give the best of ourselves as our gift to God
Let us receive a word of life, hope and love for Jesus, under the leadership of all of us who make up this community.
Salm 133: 1
See how good and how delicious it is to live the brothers together in harmony.


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