Beep! Beep! Beep!
We all know that sound. The sound of an alarm clock. We set it the night before to help us get up in the morning, essentially consenting to just a few moments of necessary self-torture for the greater good of arriving to important places on time. It can’t be helped, a necessary evil of everyday life.
The issues begin when you’re like me. You’re capable of sleeping through the day if the world lets you. You like sleeping in on weekends, or holidays, or any day when you don’t have to wake up early, but you don’t want to waste the day. So you set an alarm clock, not too early, but not too late, enough to let you sleep in but not enough to waste precious daytime. Sometimes around ten in the morning? Maybe up to noon. For some, that might count as “too late”. For some it might not. Whatever the time is, it’s almost guaranteed that it’ll be pushed forward at least an hour. Why? The snooze button.
Click, goes the snooze button, then I’m back to sleep. It’s like saying “ten more minutes, mom”, except no words are necessary to make the intent clear. Then you can repeat it over and over again until you overslept anyway.
Beep! Beep! Beep! went the alarm clock on that Saturday morning as well. Drowsy and disgruntled, I sat up and reached for the snooze button… And at first I didn’t even register what happened. No… that’s a lie. I jumped and screamed in fright as a dark figure crashed through my third-story window, with enough force to fly right through the room, and through the door, disappearing from sight. I just stared in scared confusion for a few seconds, before another figure appeared by the window, climbing through into the room.
“Excuse me for the mess.” he said, looking around. “I’ll be sure to pay you for the damages, of course.”
The man was wearing what seemed like a white and red spandex suit, complete with white gloves and a red cape. I recognized that outfit of course. Anyone in the city would.
“C-Commander Superb...?” I stuttered.
“At your service, citizen! Hm…” The hero glanced at the alarm clock, still beeping. “Isn’t it a bit late to be in bed? But who am I to judge! Excuse me for the intrusion, there’s just a little fight going on in the park. Nothing to worry about, though! The Hero Union’s got it under control!”
“I-I…” Still in shock, I had no idea what to say. One last time, Superb looked around.
“Let me get that for you.” he said, gently tapping the alarm clock with one hand to silence it, then walked through the broken-down door, and soon returned with the supposed criminal on his shoulders. He then grabbed the door from the floor and put it back in place. “I’ll come back once we’re done, and we can talk about the damage here, and how much it’ll take to repair it. Until then, stay safe, citizen!” he said, then leaped through the hole that used to be my window and soared away.
It took several more minutes before I could react to anything that had happened. Slowly, I climbed out of bed, glancing at the alarm clock.
At that point I knew for sure: I’m never sleeping in again.



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