To have a better future, it is vitally important to promote the value of study to our children. Teaching values, customs, which unfortunately have been lost, and from home they are not taught either due to lack of education or ignorance in many cases, this is why we care so much about our future leaders, our little ones. Taking advantage of this small space that they have lent us we have been doing an arduous but very satisfactory work. We are many interested in getting our children ahead.
In advance we thank all those who have collaborated with us to carry this out. On this occasion I want to send you a sample of the notebooks and blackboard markers that we have been buying as part of the supplies we need to provide our children, our project grows more every day, because working as a team divides the efforts and multiplies the results .
We still lack pencils, drafts, colors (although we still have some a little worn out of the last endowment for the vacation plan that was dictated to them), stationery.
Whoever wishes to collaborate very well received will be ...
Remember soliarity is not the act of charity, but a mutual help between forces fighting for the same goal.


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Thank you very much sir @-ed- for all the support you have always given us. Very grateful to you. I will apologize for the abuse but do you think I can collaborate with $ 90? for the acquisition of missing stationery and a burner to make a kitchen at least one burner.
We have new faces, new children that are coming! Requesting our help.

   1yr ago