I'm not a great designer and user of Photoshop, but I want to propose some ideas.

"Stats" icon :

This one could bring on a page where we will be able to see a graph with the votes/tips per day compared to the course of the Bitcoin Cash on the same day, with an history of the week for example.

"World" icon :

It can be used to choose the langage (I'm french so I'll take this example).
By choosing French, the header, footer, menus, settings or all the non-modifiable content would be translated to this langage. But not the content at this time.
With the second scrolling menu, you can choose the langage of the content you want to see. For example, if you choose French, you can see all the content posted by French people (it is therefore necessary to recover the country at the inscription, or in the parameters, where via the choice of the first menu). But if you want to see all the content (I mean content in other langage), there would be a default setting.

"Moon" icon :

I think all people can understand what it is for... Native night mode can be great, without going through a third-party application, or modifying the code with the terminal...!

I hope some of these ideas can help developpers to improve this fucking great website ! :)
PS : I can also help to translate in French if you need... I already done the FAQ (https://www.yours.org/content/faq-yours--french--40bd3e03f845)


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